The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has clarified that its account on the social network American stock exchanges denied it minutes after the announcement was made.

“The SEC’s Twitter account was compromised and an unauthorized tweet was published. The SEC has not approved the listing or marketing of spot bitcoin exchange-traded products,” the organization’s president clarified on the social network, Gary Gensler.

From the security area of but rather because an unidentified individual gained control of a phone number associated with the @SECGov account through a third party.”

Likewise, the social network noted that the US regulator had not enabled two-factor authentication on X’s profile at the time it was compromised.

Later, in a statement to the media, the agency assured that it will collaborate with authorities and other Government partners “to investigate the matter and determine appropriate next steps related to both unauthorized access and any related misconduct.”

The price of the reference cryptocurrency has risen in recent weeks to highs since spring 2022, encouraged by the expectation that the SEC will authorize this type of investment products linked to cryptocurrencies.

In this sense, although bitcoin was exchanged for almost $47,000 this Tuesday, after the SEC’s clarification its price cooled to just over $45,000.