The Supreme Court has put an end to a judicial process initiated by Ramón Ignacio García García, who claimed to be the biological brother of Esther and Alicia Koplowitz Romero de Juseu, the latter the ninth largest fortune in Spain on the Forbes list.

Initially, because the plaintiff did not provide any indicative evidence of the claimed maternity, the Court of First Instance number 71 of Madrid rejected the claim for processing, although section 22 (reinforcement) of the Provincial Court of Madrid ordered him to admit it later. .

Since the plaintiff continued without providing any evidence, the Court, with the acquiescence of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, issued a ruling on September 29, 2020, ordering him to bear all the costs of the process and dismissing the lawsuit, after rejecting the plaintiff’s request that A biological test was performed to compare their DNA with that of the sisters, to determine if they were brothers on the mother’s side.

García García filed an appeal before the same 22nd section of the Provincial Court of Madrid, reiterating the request that said biological test be carried out, to which this section agreed and ordered that it be carried out, something that the Koplowitzes did.

The result of the tests by the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences concluded that they did not share the maternal line, so the Court, on September 9, 2022, confirmed the previous ruling in which the lawsuit had been dismissed, with a a new sentence to the plaintiff to bear the costs of the process, as the Court found recklessness on the part of said plaintiff.

Finally, the extraordinary appeals for procedural infringement and cassation filed by García García before the Supreme Court have been inadmissible by the High Court, which has once again sentenced him to pay the costs.

The legal advisors of Esther and Alicia Koplowitz will now proceed to execute the aforementioned sentences regarding costs, as reported by sources close to the sisters, who add that they will study any additional measure “so that it does not happen again that such lawsuits are filed against them. painful as absolutely unfounded, nor that the subsequent processes are prolonged, despite the absence of the slightest evidence”.