The textile sector increased its sales to 4.2% during the month of October compared to the same month of 2021, despite the fact that the turnover is decreasing “month by month”, according to the president of the Textile Trade Business Association, Accessories and Leather (Acotex), Eduardo Zam├ícola, who does not foresee the application, in general, of aggressive discounts on Black Friday due to the rise in costs.

“Given Black Friday, in general, we do not expect aggressive discounts, since the costs of electricity, raw materials, logistics or rent have also increased for businesses and they do not have enough margin to apply aggressive discounts. Yes, there will be discounts because customers are waiting for them, but these will be light”, he stressed.

Likewise, Zamácola has requested the reduction of taxes and fiscal burdens for both companies and families so that they have more disposable income allowing greater spending.

With the rise registered in the tenth month of the year, after the rise of 7.9% in September, sales in the textile sector accumulate an annual growth of 14.1%.

“This month we have seen much less influx of customers to stores. We understand that it is because customers have less money in their pockets due to the increase in electricity, gas, gasoline or the shopping basket and they allocate they challenge it available mainly for food and payment of supplies and mortgage, leaving very little or nothing for clothing”, stressed the president of Acotex.