The organizers anticipate the presence of more than 10,000 farmers and 1,500 tractors


More than 10,000 farmers and ranchers accompanied by 1,500 tractors are scheduled to take to the streets of Madrid this Sunday to demand concrete and forceful measures for the countryside in the face of the “patches” presented by the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, in a day called by the Union of Unions, which wants it to be festive, encouraging citizens and society to join their demands.

A ‘tractorada’, which will run under the motto ‘We still have plenty of reasons’, which will start at 11:00 a.m. at the Ministry of Ecological Transition and will run to the Ministry of Agriculture along Paseo de la Castellana, Recoletos and Paseo del Meadow.

“The route chosen is not random, because the one who is in charge in Spanish agriculture is not Minister Planas but Minister Ribera, who imposes environmental measures that do not allow us to produce and does nothing to prevent the introduction of strawberries with hepatitis or meat with clonbuterol. “explained a few days ago the national coordinator of the Union of Unions, Luis Cortés.

A day that they hope will be fun and supportive, since at the beginning of the rally at the doors of Ecological Transition they plan to donate about 125 liters of extra virgin olive oil to Father Ángel’s Messengers for Peace organization.

In addition, the agricultural organization wants to bring agriculture and livestock closer to citizens, showing its work machinery and inviting all the children who want to do so along the route to get on the tractor.

However, farmers and ranchers will demand border protection of the Spanish and European productive model, the development of a food chain law to improve its functioning and environmental requirements proportionate and appropriate to the reality of the sector, along with the demand for democracy for the countryside. .

In this way, the tractors, the majority from Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León and Madrid, will arrive in the capital in five columns for the demonstration, authorized by the Delegation of the Government of Spain for this Sunday.

The affected roads, depending on the origin of the agricultural vehicles, will be Glorieta de Arcentales, Arcentales Avenue, Canillejas Avenue to Vicalvaro, Alcala, Francisco Silvela and Joaquin Costa Streets, Castellana Promenade and San Juan de la Cruz Olaza . . . .

Column two will travel through the streets of Pirotecnia, Aurora Boreal, Avenida de la Democracia, Plaza de Alonso, Calle de Casalarreina, Avenida Daroca, M-23, Calles de O’Donnell, Doctor Esquerdo, Francisco Silvela and Joaquín Costa, Paseo de Castellana and Plaza de San Juan de la Cruz.

Number three will go through Vía Lusitana, Marcelo Usera, Vado de Santa Catalina, Paseo de las Delicias, Bustamante street, Ramírez de Prado, Méndez Álvaro, Comercio, Menéndez Pelayo avenue, Príncipe de Vergara street, Francisco Silvela, Joaquín Costa , Paseo de la Castellana and Plaza de San Juan de la Cruz.

The fourth column will run along the M-500, Puente de los Franceses, Paseo de Ruperto Chapí, Paseo de Camoens and streets of Marqués de Urquijo, Alberto Aguilera, Carranza, Sagasta, Santa Engracia and José Abascal.

A final group of trucks will gather along the streets Nuestra Señora de Valverde, Avenida del Llano Castellano, Calle de Mauricio Legendre, Enrique Larreta, Mateo Inurria, Plaza de Castilla, Paseo de la Castellana and Plaza de San Juan de la Cruz.