35.76% of the companies consulted believe that they will have problems replacing employees who retire, due to a lack of trained personnel in their business area, according to the report ‘Infoempleo Adecco: Offer and Demand for Employment in Spain’ by Infoempleo and Adecco Group.

In this way, generational change is one of the issues that most worries companies, something that is seen above all in sectors such as construction, transport, industry or hospitality, where the lack of young people in the workforce seems a fact, according to what can be extracted from the study.

Thus, more than half (54.3%) of the companies consulted state that less than 15% of their staff is made up of workers under 30 years of age, 23.84% say that between 15 and 30% of their workforce has this age range, while 15.23% assure that between 30 and 50% of their workers are of those years and only 6.62% of the companies affirm that they have more than half of the employees with less 30 years old.

However, up to 72% of the companies surveyed have not bothered to implement any strategy to promote youth employment in the last year.

Likewise, 71.52% of the companies consulted do not carry out any action to encourage the recruitment of candidates over 50 years of age, and thereby reduce employment discrimination based on age or ageism.

The companies consulted estimate the volume of staff turnover that they have had to deal with in the last year at 19.4%, three points less compared to 2020, and four points below the average registered in 2019, before of the pandemic.

Among the main reasons, 25.83% of the companies consider that the brain drain in their workforces is that they receive better salary offers from other companies, while 23.84% say that they are employees who cannot meet the your aspirations for professional or personal growth in the company.

Regarding the phenomena called the ‘Great Resignation’ and the ‘Great Rotation’, almost half (47.68%) of those surveyed say that they have hardly suffered resignations of workers during the last year, and two out of ten ( 23.18%) ensure that turnover has been similar to that suffered in other times, while only 29.14% believe that it is higher than in other years.

The difficulty in finding suitable talent is one of the factors that most slows down companies when recruiting. Thus, 44.37% of the organizations consulted believe that there is a lack of profiles according to their activity, and 35.10% think that they lack training.

Another 15.89% believe that the problem lies in the salary expectations of the candidates, well above the salaries offered by the company and for 4.64% the obstacle would be their lack of geographical mobility.