SNCF – So that the railway company had promised that 100% of its trains would flow normally for the summer holidays, she had to cancel 5% of its trains, due to lack of demand.

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[updated June 11, 2020 at 12: 20 pm] While the secretary of State for Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebbari had assured that 100% of the TGV would be outstanding on June 24, 2020, the SNCF has just delete, without notice, many trains in the months of July and August 2020, even if, according to the railway undertaking, it is only 5% of the trains planned this summer. So, this Tuesday, June 9, of the users of the SNCF have received by SMS or by email the announcement of the removal of their trains scheduled between late June and late August. Fortunately, users can redeem or exchange without charge to their ticket…

Contacted by The Point, the SNCF justifies such a readjustment of supply because of the low rate train booking this summer : 10 to 15 % only of the positions identified in July have been sold, and only 6% of places were sold during the month of August. “The level of bookings is very low, we are trying to streamline the trains. This is only for very few trains, and usually there’s always one just before or just after on which clients will be able to see”, she reassured.

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Currently, the SNCF drastically limits the flow to the edge of its trains and shall ensure that sanitary measures are followed. To borrow a train long distance, the traveller should not only be equipped to a face mask (required from 11 years of age), but also a title of transport valid and a certificate from the employer if it is to take the train between 6: 30am and 10: 30am and between 16: 30 and 19: 30 (this is also the case on trains daily) .

How much traffic SNCF ?

Île-de-France, the SNCF currently offers only 50% of the traffic of its trains (TER, TGV, City), but with a large increase of trains on the lines, the most saturated of Island of France, such as the RER A and B is insured to 100%. The secretary of State for Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebbari assured 100% of trains daily would be outstanding on June 15, 2020.