On Friday there will be a new mobilization on the border like the one in October, in which bottles of cava were broken


The Spanish Confederation of Freight Transport (CETM) has demanded that the free movement of goods on French roads be guaranteed, urging the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, to contact his French counterpart so that the French authorities ” take measures and avoid further damage to the sector”.

The employers’ association has stated that it respects the demands of French farmers, although it considers that they have to look for other formulas to express their discontent, since more than 20,000 professional drivers cross the border with France every day, considering it “unfair” that they have to suffer “long waits and economic losses.”

Farmer mobilizations continue this Wednesday in France and blockades still persist on roads such as the A64 (Toulouse-Bayonne), A61 (Toulouse-Narbonne), A20 (Toulouse-Brive) and the A62 (Toulouse-Bordeaux).

The A7 also remains blocked in Drôme and Arteche and this Wednesday a blockade began on the Bordeaux ring road and the access to the A89 and A10 motorways, as reported by the Spanish transport organization.

The so-called ‘Young Farmers’ will block the A4 this Wednesday at noon around Strasbourg and other actions are planned such as ‘Operation Snail’, which consists of slowing down traffic, between Auch and Toulouse.

It is expected that the blockades will become more and more numerous, since the president of the National Federation of Agricultural Operators’ Unions (FNSEA), Arnaud Rousseau, has assured the media that the intention is for the blockades to extend and the Friday the 85 affected departments are reached.

The pressure increases since the FNSEA and the Young Farmers have been joined by the Aude Winegrowers’ Union, the organizers of the blockades of Spanish trucks that took place in the month of October and in which bottles of cava were broken, and now They have called for a mobilization at the Narbonne tollbooth on Friday, January 26.