Portugal, Malta, Greece, dominican Republic, USA, Brazil… Where will you spend your summer holidays in Europe and outside the EU ? Check out the map below which details the situation in Europe and the list of countries with which the european Union will re-open or not, its external border on 1 July.

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[updated June 26, 2020 at 10h47] , Where the French will they be able to travel as from 1 July N After most of the european countries and Spain on 21 June, Portugal and Malta are preparing to reopen their borders with the rest of the EU. Quatorzaine mandatory, PCR tests before leaving his country or upon arrival, border control… however, be Careful before you book your plane tickets, restrictions apply according to country. The site Re-open EU has been made available to Europeans who wish to travel. Just type the name of a country to be aware of the restrictions that apply to them.

The european Union is preparing to reopen its external borders, and it should publish this Friday, a first list of countries outside the EU with which the routes will be permitted as of July 1, 2020. The objective is to publish a “first list of countries with which the passenger flow will resume from the 1st of July”. “We will have between 20 and 50 countries. It is still too early to say (more precisely). Discussions are continuing on the criteria themselves,” said earlier in the week the secretary of State for Tourism.

According to the New York Times, which published information in the beginning of the week, drafts of the lists do not include the main countries where the pandemic coronavirus continues : the United States, Brazil, Russia… conversely, several Asian countries would be part of the list of the countries where the regular flights will be resumed : China and Vietnam in particular. Cuba and Uganda are also mentioned in this first list of eligible countries. The european officials interviewed by the New York Times reported that the list published this week will be re-evaluated every fifteen days.

In the meantime, discover the official list of countries outside the EU where you can go this summer, find below the map of reopening of the borders in Europe with a colour code for the country for which the access is allowed, soon authorized, with test-negative or non-accessible for the time being or with quarantine.

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What are the countries of Europe which re-opened their borders to French ? The Italian government has reopened its borders to european citizens on 3 June last. It has also cancelled the mandatory quarantine for foreign visitors in the peninsula, according to official sources. These measures apply “in respect of the ties deriving from the legal order of the european Union”, states the press release. Spain has re-opened on June 2, land borders, air and rail with the rest of the EU. On the side of Portugal, the date of reopening of the borders remains attached to the 1st July to welcome travelers. Austria and Germany have been restored, Monday, June 15, on the free movement across the common border. This flexibility allows including business trips and family visits. Switzerland has also re-opened its borders to the French authorities, believing that the sanitary conditions in France and in Europe” are met. The United Kingdom has announced the implementation of a quatorzaine required for travelers arriving from abroad. This measure, which will be reviewed “every three weeks” , must accompany the d√©confinement progressive in the United kingdom. Travellers in quarantine, at their home or hotel, will be subject to random checks, and violators risk a fine of ¬£ 1,000 according to the british press. The airlines British Airways, EasyJet and Ryanair have announced on June 12, have launched a legal action against the british government in order that it will waive the quarantine imposed on travellers arriving in the United Kingdom. The irish authorities advise against always travel non-essential to the destination of their country. In Greece, tourism has picked up, Monday, June 15, with flights allowed in from several EU countries including France. Travellers flying to the european Union are not subject to strict measures of quarantine, with the exception of passengers from the regions most affected by the coronavirus : the Ile-de-France, four Italian regions, the other four in Spain… “It will now depend on the airport of origin, not the country (of origin),” explained a government official to the AFP. From 1 July, the international flights will be allowed to all the airports of Greece. Visitors will eventually be required to pass “a test of random sampling on arrival,” says the tourist office. France is one of six new countries allowed to go to Malta this summer. The reopening of the borders will be from the 1st of July for all the regions of france outside Ile-de-France and from the 15th of July to the whole of france on Monday, 15 June, Belgium has re-opened its borders with other countries of the european Union, the United Kingdom and the four countries of the Schengen area are not EU members. The First minister has, however, recommended to travellers to ensure that their move was possible because “each country will decide on its own to open its borders to” its own terms. The French may again cross the border with Andorra since 1st June. The borders of Denmark have re-opened on Monday 15 June. A re-opening for germans, norwegians and icelanders only, pushing at the end of the summer of the entry on its territory of nationals of other EU countries and the United Kingdom. Monday, June 15, Norway has reopened its borders to other nordic countries only, with the exception of Sweden. On 13 July, the measures imposed on the boundaries will be lifted to 12 european countries deemed “safe”, but France is not among them. Iceland imposes tests Covid-19 to those who do not wish to perform quarantine. The Croatian Prime minister has announced the reopening of the borders to nationals of the ten countries of the european Union, including Germany, Slovenia and Austria. For the time being, the French people, spaniards and italians still cannot get in Croatia. Romania welcomes as its own nationals. Trips to Cyprus are impossible until further order. See the tips

Have or refund, what are you entitled to in the case of a stay is cancelled ?

What are the countries that have re-opened their borders to the French in Asia ? China softens gradually its border controls in the month of June after the Two Sessions, the political event annual, the largest in the country. Passengers will be required to undergo a screening of the new coronavirus to their arrival on chinese soil. In India, the suspension of commercial flights to the international is maintained until further order. Since April 3, and until further order, any non-japanese who have lived in an at-risk countries, including France, Spain and Portugal may not enter the japanese territory. The CAAT (civil aviation authority of Thailand) has extended the flight ban for passengers incoming on its territory until the end of the month of June. Russia announced on Monday that a partial reopening of its border, closed since march due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus. According to a decree signed by the Prime minister, Mikhail Michoustine, the Russians will be able to leave the country for medical reasons, business or related studies. As for the foreign nationals, they will only be able to enter Russia for treatment or care of other relatives. The Maldives has reopened their borders to foreign travel and the government will allow hotels to receive visitors from the 15th of July. What are the countries that reopened their borders to the French in America ? The United States and Canada have decided to extend the closure of their common border until the 21 of July for all trips non-essential. It will be the same for the border between the United States and Mexico. In Cuba, schools remain closed, public transport suspended and the use of mask is compulsory in the streets, but the country begins to consider the re-opening of its borders to tourists with airlines that offer airline tickets for the month of July. The Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic (MITUR) announced that the country will be ready to receive international tourists from the 1st of July, the scheduled date for the launch of phase 4 of the plan of de-escalation of the measures announced by the high level Commission for the prevention and control of coronavirus. What are the countries open to French in Africa ?

all of The african countries to keep their borders closed for the time being. Morocco and Algeria have suspended their international flights, but the repatriation of French nationals, however, is permitted by necessity. Tunisia is the only country that had announced the reopening of its borders, sea, land, and air to the 27 June. Morocco needs to start Thursday its second phase of relief of the very strict measures in place to combat the pandemic of Covid-19, but the borders remain closed.

In Egypt, ” we are preparing the ground for the tourists from all over the world find a destination […] in the sanitary conditions in copies,” says the minister of Tourism, Khaled El-Enani, during an interview with AFP.

What are countries open to French Oceania ?

Australians will be able to go to New Zealand and to other Pacific countries from the 1st July next. On the other hand, Australia does not provide for the time to open its borders with other countries such as the United States or France. Links tourism to the other countries are expected to resume in the month of September.

What are the restrictions of travel in the world ?