The improvement of health conditions in France and in Europe has prompted Seto to recommend the resumption of departures from the 27 June to the destinations of the Schengen area, and beyond the seas. An update on the latest info.

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[updated June 19, 2020 16: 15] The reopening of the borders in Europe allows to raise gradually the tourism and holiday.. Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal… The favorite destinations of the French are once again accessible but with the implementation of many measures of social distancing and hygiene. Following a meeting with major tour operators operating on the French market, the Seto (Union of the companies in the tour-operating) took the decision to recommend the resumption of departures from the 27th of June at “the destinations of the Schengen area, including France and non-european territories of France, that is to say, the DROM-COM”.

For destinations outside the Schengen area, it will be available from the 1st of July, as the european Union will reopen its borders to countries whose health conditions allow to organise a trip. “This should be the case of Tunisia, and probably Morocco , says Seto. For more distant destinations, the representative trade union, the profession recommends that “the postponement of the departure up to Friday 31st July inclusive”. These provisions will of course be ” adapted according to the decisions of re-openings of the borders of the european Union, but also as a function of the operating constraints of the products, companies, maritime and river.

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Have or refund, what are you entitled to in the case of a stay is cancelled ?

How to use this to have ?

The fear of bankruptcy on the part of travel agencies has been heard by the government. A new move in their direction came into force by ordinance no. 2020-315, published in the official Journal dated 26 march 2020. Now, tour operators may offer a credit valid for 18 months to their clients whose stay was cancelled because of the sars coronavirus. It is only at the end of those 18 months, and if you have not used to have it for a variety of reasons (choice, inability, financial or calendar) that will be able to get the refund of your trip, the ticket of train or plane to hotel nights. This credit is retained by the travel professional and is equivalent to the exact sum of money that you have already paid to the tour operator. You will then be able to use it for a service which is identical or equivalent in the coming 18 months. Attention, the price of your new home should not exceed that of the trip originally planned. You can use one or more times.

What are the benefits for which you will have to have ?

The credit valid for 18 months will be imposed by the tour operator for the following services, only if they have been cancelled by the professional of tourism or by the client from the 1st of march and until September 15, 2020, according to the information of 60 million consumers :

package travel : the benefits, including flight and at least an overnight stay or the services including at least a travel service (airline, hotel…) and tourism services (tour, sport activity…). The school trips or language are also affected by this measure. tourist accommodation : hotels, holiday rentals, campgrounds… car rental For what benefits am I entitled to an immediate refund ?