This Sunday, we celebrate the festival of Quebec cinema at the gala of the Iris de Québec cinema awards, on Radio-Canada. In many cases, there is no boundary between cinema and television. While encouraging their films, I invite you to take a look at some of the television works in which this year’s nominated artists and artisans have participated.

The director and screenwriter of Beans stood out thanks to the TV series Mohawk Girls, which aired on APTN from 2014 to 2017. It followed four young Mohawk women who were as much looking to find their place in life as to have a romantic conquest. We feel the duality between traditional values ​​and the attraction of the world outside the territory. It was at 17 that Tracey had the idea for this series, which she describes as a Sex and the City of Indigenous women. All five seasons air on CBC’s Gem platform.

It is on stage that we find Fred in all his color. But cinema has been able to transpose its words well, as The Time Snatcher proves. On TV, we were able to see where he comes from and where his characters evolve in the documentary series broadcast on Here TV Saint-Élie-de-légendes.

With two feature films (Antigone then A Review), Nour is approaching his young career rather well. We saw her recently in Reasonable Doubt and she will be in the cast of Indéfendable, TVA’s daily news this fall.

The cinema, Pascale fell into it when she was a teenager participating in many projects from Sonatine to Bootlegger. Since then, she navigates between the small and the big screen. Nostalgics will remember her in Rooms in the City or The Astronaut Princess. She was the courageous Blanche, the delirious Becky of the Heart has her reasons, without forgetting Belle-Baie, Mirador, In therapy, Complex G, Premonitions. She also played a narcissist in The Blue Hour, a minister in District 31, a psychiatrist in Get Me Out of Me, a policewoman in Chaos and an ex in The Guys.

It’s great to see the success that this seasoned actress is experiencing with her character of Sylvette Dieu in Aline. Ms. Fichaud has multiplied the roles in many popular series since the mid-1970s. Let us think of Chez Denise, Lance et compte, A guy, a girl, Fortier, Eden Museum, Au rescue de Béatrice or District 31. It is the cinema which offered him his great role. Several actors and actresses also owe her a great debt since she has been a recognized acting trainer for more than 30 years.

Although we have seen her in Belle-Baie, Lance et compte and Les invincibles, it is without a doubt her Stéphanie Valois from La galère who made us all fall in love. She also starred in Whole Truth in which she was a lawyer. In Unit 9, she was rather detained. This proves the extent of his talent. Most recently, she could be seen in Turbulent Waters ( then in The Man Who Loved Too Much (Noovo). She stood out on the big screen in Les Oiseaux ivres and Maria Chapdelaine.

Named for Norbourg, she is currently the star of the series L’œil du cyclone and Cérébrum, whose season 2 will be released shortly.

Revealed as a teenager, she is named for The drunken birds. In the past year, we have seen him in the series Les petits rois, Bête noire, Campus and Six degrees.

Named for The Time Harvester, 2021 was a big TV year for him with the series Another Story, Leo, Happiness and The Brotherhood.

Named for The guide to the perfect family, Émilie Bierre made a name for herself by interpreting the daughter of Martin Matte in Les beaux malaises. Very popular in the cinema, she inherited complex scores on TV, notably in L’Échappée and Jenny broadcast on Unis TV where she played a young person with cancer.

Who does not know Vincent-Guillaume since he took on the jacket of Sergeant Bissonnette in District 31? Despite a busy schedule, he slipped into the skin of Vincent Lacroix’s sidekick, Éric Asselin, in the film Norbourg. On TV, he played Paul Rose in the René Lévesque series, his first mandate, played in a few youth series and after having distinguished himself in the cinema (Babine, Gabrielle) returned to the small screen in Série noire and Ruptures while captivating nearly 2 million viewers every night.

A chameleon actor, he is always where you least expect him. In the last year, in addition to Maria Chapdelaine for which he is named, we have seen him on TV in The honorable, All life, Black beast and Trapped.

If he holds the attention in A review, as in many other great films, Patrice landed his first role on TV in Watatatow. But it was with The Invincibles that audiences seriously embraced it. Since then, we have seen him in Les Boys, The Whole Truth, 30 Lives, For Sarah, Patrice Lemieux 24/7. He is the somewhat cavernous friend in Les beaux malaises, the troubled investigator Victor Lessard, and the ugly suburbanite who plays it big in C’est comme ça que je t’aime.

A word about this Quebec company that stands out in spectacular fashion. The special effects category is literally for them since their craftsmen occupy the 3 nominations for The Time Snatcher, Maria Chapdelaine and Au Revoir le bonheur. Founded in 2007, Alchimie 24 is on all fronts both here and in the United States, in cinema and on TV. On the small screen, they contributed to certain scenes of Les Beaux malaises 2.0, the 3rd season of Stranger Things and the Canadian series Transplant.

Drunken Birds is one of the few projects he has recently allowed himself. We can say that Claude marked the TV with In a galaxy near you, Minuit le soir and 19-2. Recently, he was from the first season of Cerebrum, we saw him in Fugueuse and in some Bye Bye.

Named for A Rehearsal, we recently saw him in the series The Impostor, The Monster, Miscellaneous, La Dérape, Fugueuse, All Life, The Guys and Classified Secret. He will be in the distribution of Anna and Arnaud at TVA.

Seen in The time grabber, she was recently attached to Blue hour and Unit 9. She also delivers a brilliant performance in the detective series A criminal case.

One of Maria Chapdelaine’s suitors, Robert made his film debut as a child. As skilled in French as in English, we have seen him in Being human, Bellevue, Subito texto, Cardinal and Clash. He played the sons of investigators twice, in 19-2 and District 31, two roles that ripped our hearts out.

If he waltzes between drama and comedy, Sylvain has attracted attention by playing the alter ego of René Angélil, Guy-Claude in Aline. On TV, he has multiplied comic roles in Le sketch show or 450 chemin du golf. He left us speechless in 19-2, was tougher in The honorable, more vulnerable in Mensonges, Marche à l’ombre, Pour Sarah and more recently in L’Échappée and Virage.

One of the most brilliant actors of his generation. It is named for Maria Chapdelaine. In the last year, we have seen him in the series District 31, La fissure, Virage, Sortez-moi de moi, Portrait-robot and Les cavaliers.