The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) seized yesterday afternoon, in the Gaspé Peninsula, at least two vehicles belonging to a convoy in which the self-proclaimed “queen” of Canada was comfortably installed.

Romana Didulo’s trip to the MRC of Rocher-Percé could cost her dearly.

This Canadian conspirator, who called for the murder of medical personnel administering the COVID-19 vaccine, was walking with her fans in a convoy including several recreational vehicles yesterday afternoon.

It’s hard not to notice her: the face and flags of the self-proclaimed “Queen” of Canada are printed on the bodywork of her vehicles.

Burned red light

Romana Didulo’s convoy was driving more precisely in the small town of Chandler, when the SQ arrested one of its drivers who ran a red light at the intersection of Route 132 and Jacques-Cartier Avenue.

“It was the last vehicle in a convoy that contained at least four. We intercepted him and handed him a $173 ticket to the driver for driving on a red light. Then, the police checked the drivers of the other vehicles, ”explains Sergeant Louis-Philippe Bibeau, spokesperson for the SQ.

Results? The SQ seized an SUV and another recreational vehicle from Ms. Didulo’s convoy for 30 days.

No permit…

“The driver of the recreational vehicle was driving without a licence. […] The driver of the SUV was driving a vehicle that was not allowed to circulate. In short, his plate was not in order, ”says Sergeant Bibeau.

The latter adds that each of these two drivers received a statement of offense in the amount of $494. The SQ specifies that most of those arrested in the convoy were “from outside the province of Quebec”.

The Journal was informed of this situation since Romana Didulo filmed and shared the intervention of the police on the social network Telegram. On this platform, the notorious conspiracy maker assured her fans “not to have broken any law”.

“The Queen of the Kingdom of Canada is currently staying at Chalet Nature Océan in Percé, Quebec,” she wrote in a final post this afternoon to reassure her followers.