The Union of Associations of Self-Employed Workers and Entrepreneurs (Uatae) has asked this Tuesday to tackle the “scourge of false self-employed workers” and apply a sanctioning regime for non-payments and delinquency that serves to complement the progress of the Create and Grow Law.

In a statement, in which he takes advantage of the commemoration of the Constitution on Tuesday to ask the political parties for more support for the self-employed group, Uatae indicates that false self-employed workers is a still latent problem, as shown by the Labor Inspectorate It has drawn up 60,221 records with a collection of 393 million euros for contributions not paid at the time to Social Security.

Uatae also calls for the application of a sanctioning regime that serves to complement the progress of the Create and Grow Law, which allows reducing delinquency, but requires new tools that curb the debts contracted by large companies with the self-employed.

“We are going to continue working to improve the current conditions of self-employed workers, for this reason, a day like today helps us remember the steps taken, strengthen and recognize the rights acquired, but without losing sight of the horizon to be able to continue advancing on these issues that still remain to be resolved”, has indicated the general secretary of Uatae, María José Landaburu.