The self-employed organization UPTA has demanded this Friday from the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy a subsidy for self-employed people over 52 years of age in order to avoid their entry into situations of poverty. “Closing your business, after that age, in many cases means the most extreme poverty. From UPTA we calculate that more than 60,000 people in search of employment who come from self-employment are in this situation,” the organization alleges.

As denounced by the president of UPTA, Eduardo Abad, the majority of the self-employed who, through no fault of their own, find themselves forced to definitively close their activity, “are absolutely abandoned to their fate”, without the benefit for cessation of activity for having exhausted it in the extraordinary benefit of the pandemic and without being able to benefit from the subsidy for people over 52 years of age, which employees can access.

“A social government cannot condemn the self-employed who fail in their activity, with debts and without the possibility of re-entering the traditional labor market due to lack of qualifications or age, to poverty. All of them should be able to access the subsidy , so that they have the same right as employed workers, and from UPTA we are calling for the Government to react, we will use the mechanisms that are necessary for this”, Abad defended.