It will request urgent modifications in the regulations governing distribution, because it considers that this situation is “inadmissible”


UPTA has warned that more than 15,000 small businesses in Spain will lose in 2023, after the “disastrous” trend that is being repeated in the RETA affiliation series in recent years in the sector, and that has accelerated in 2022, as reported in a statement.

Specifically, the self-employed association has warned that the concentration that is taking place in the commercial sector in large distributors is ending local commerce.

UPTA has denounced that the manufacturing brands themselves are the first to promote this situation, since they have preferred to implement direct ‘online’ sales systems rather than continue selling the product to traditional merchants.

“In addition, they have decided to launch mafia practices with small businesses, demanding exorbitant conditions from them to be able to sell their products,” they lamented, noting that the clearest examples occur in textiles and footwear, which suffer first-hand from these practices of corporate dumping.

The self-employed organization has pointed out that the value chain that occurs when a factory-made item is distributed through small businesses is “absolutely broken, for the sole purpose of concentrating the market in large distributors or manufacturers.”

In this way, UPTA has regretted that the administrations of the autonomous communities and the Ministry of Industry continue to look the other way, “without stopping this outrage.” “It is devastating to see the streets of our towns and cities flooded with posters with ‘business is being transferred'”, they have stressed.

“We cannot allow the distribution of consumer goods and products to fall into the hands of oligopolies, we are condemning thousands of families to the closure of their businesses, for this reason UPTA will request urgent modifications in the regulations governing distribution, this situation is inadmissible” , has assured the president of UPTA, Eduardo Abad.