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What influences the prices of cryptocurrencies the most?

Prices for cryptocurrencies are mostly influenced by supply and demand. This is a fundamental economic tenet. A cryptocurrency’s value will decrease if there is a large supply of tokens and little demand from consumers and dealers. On the other hand, if a cryptocurrency’s supply is constrained and demand is great, its value will increase.

It has to do with the idea of scarcity. It drives prices higher and was a contributing reason to the price of Bitcoin reaching its peaks at the end of 2017. The maximum supply of bitcoin is 21 million BTC, which is rather low compared to other currencies, although demand has risen dramatically in recent years. The media and public opinion have a big impact on cryptocurrency prices as well. A token’s price will often decrease if it receives unfavorable press. However, the price will very probably increase if the currency receives a lot of support and positive media attention. In other words, prices are heavily influenced by the enthusiasm and feelings of people.

The utility of the token and the suitability of the related blockchain technology for solving real-world problems have a big impact on pricing. You should also take the difficulty of mining proof-of-work tokens into account. Generally speaking, the harder it is to mine coins, the harder it is to produce more coins, which, together with strong demand, drives up the price of the coin.