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Erik Prince Analyzes Secret Service Failure: Malice or Incompetence? – Expert Insight

Former Navy Seal and Blackwater founder Erik Prince recently analyzed the Secret Service failure in the wake of a failed assassination attempt on former...

Iran Condemns Canada’s Designation of Revolutionary Guards as Terrorist Organization

Iran has criticized Canada's decision to designate Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Nasser Kanaani called the move...

Facial recognition to be used at British Grand Prix for a second year

Enhanced Security Measures Implemented at British Grand Prix for Second Consecutive YearFacial recognition technology will once again be utilized by Northamptonshire Police at the...

Banks ramp up spending on cybersecurity as attacks rise | BusinessWorld Online

Banks Increase Investment in Cybersecurity Amid Rising AttacksPHILSTAR FILE PHOTO Philippine banks are intensifying their spending on cybersecurity in response to a surge in cyber...

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Eco Data Analysis and Forecasting – Action Forex

The latest data analysis and forecasts for various economic indicators have been released. Here are some key highlights:- In Australia, the Manufacturing PMI for...