your TV. Alternatively, it is possible to subscribe via your smartphone, tablet or computer to watch the matches in streaming on these devices.

On Orange, Amazon Prime Video is accessible via your remote control and the Orange menu. This requires a compatible decoder. The following set-top boxes allow you to subscribe: TV Play set-top box, TV4 set-top box or TV UHD set-top box. To subscribe: go to the channel 67 of Orange. On SFR, only certain decoders are compatible and allow access to Amazon Prime Video and then to subscribe to the Ligue 1 Pass. This requires a Plus decoder, an 8 TV box or a 4K THD box. Amazon Prime Video is then accessible via channel 67. Via Free, Amazon Prime Video is included if you have a Delta Freebox offer. To activate the offer, go to your Free account in the “My subscription” or “TV” section and then “mAnage my Amazon Prime account”. All you have to do is enter your Amazon credentials (to be created previously on the Amazon site if it is not already done) to obtain an Amazon Prime account. For subscribers Freebox Pop, Freebox Revolution and Freebox mini 4K, this is an option at €5.99/month, without commitment. You will then have to subscribe to the “Ligue 1 Pass” at the standard rate of 12.99 euros per month. What Ligue 1 games are on Amazon Prime Video?

This 2021-2022 season, it is therefore within the Amazon Prime Video subscription that French football fans will be able to discover 80% of Ligue 1 matches, i.e. the matches that Médiapro had bought before ending in default of payment. To be precise, this represents 8 matches broadcast on Amazon Prime Video per day of the Ligue 1 championship including all the most beautiful posters. Amazon has recovered globally the old contract of Mediapro-Téléfoot with 8 matches broadcast every day out of the 10 on the program. Amazon Prime Video offers mostly the biggest poster of the day of Ligue 1, usually on Sunday night. OM-PSG, PSG-Lyon, Lyon-Saint-Etienne, Monaco-Marseille or Lille-PSG should therefore be retransmitted each time on Amazon. The matches will be commented live. Smail Bouabdellah and Julien Brun, past BeIN Sports, will be among the comments.

Here is a summary how a Ligue 1 day on Amazon Prime Ligue 1:

1st match on Friday at 21h 2nd match on Saturday at 17h 3 matches on Saturday at 20h 6th match on Sunday at 13h 7th match on Sunday at 15h Weekly magazine every Sunday at 19h 8th match on Sunday at 20h45 (most beautiful poster of the day) What services are included in Amazon Prime Ligue 1?

Amazon Prime Video doesn’t just stream Ligue 1 games. Subscribers will be able to enjoy a 15-minute broadcast before and after each meeting. Half-time will also be an opportunity to look back on the first period with the help of statistics, slowdowns and technical palettes analyzed by the consultants. On Sundays, a magazine is broadcast at 19 o’clock. Presented by journalist Marina Lorenzo, this magazine is accessible every Sunday to all Amazon Prime subscribers, even those who have not subscribed to the Amazon Prime Ligue 1 option. Subscribers will also be able to find all the matches in replay during 7 days.

Do you have access to Ligue 1 matches when you are only subscribed to Amazon Prime? The answer is no. This is an additional subscription. You do not automatically have access to the French championship if you are already an Amazon Prime subscriber. If you are interested in this addition, it will cost you the price of the option in addition, an option called “Pass Ligue 1” (see previous paragraphs) charged 12,99 euros per month.

Is there a free trial offer for Amazon Prime Ligue 1?

The free trial offer to Pass Ligue 1 is over. From August 1st to 29th, each Amazon Prime Video subscriber could test the Prime Ligue 1 offer for seven days to discover the platform dedicated to French football. Since August 29, 2021, however, it is no longer possible to give it a try with the free trial, as the offer has expired… You must now subscribe to access the matches but the offer remains non-binding and therefore cancellable at any time.

Is multi-screen possible on Amazon Prime Ligue 1? The most beautiful Ligue 1 posters are on Amazon Prime Video, for €12.99 / month Non-binding offer reserved for Amazon Prime subscribers