activists, anti-racist déboulonnent the statues of Leopold II, the debate rises, the policies are positioning themselves more or less decisively.

The secretary of State for brussels Pascal Smet, in charge of heritage, wants to mobilise the congolese community and the scientists to design a ” memorial of decolonization “. Maxime Prévot, president of the HRC, determines that ” the racism and inequality are plagues to fight, there will not effectively vandalizing of the statues, our country has its own history, with its periods of glory and also its share of shadows, we must be able to contextualize, assume, and know how to apologize. It’s time “. Didier Gosuin, mayor of Auderghem – where a statue of Leopold II was capsized on the night of Thursday to Friday under the blows of the hammer of militant black power – “condemns these acts of vandalism contrary to the rule of law” and calls the rebuilding “an objective report of our colonial era and those who have contributed to this such as king Leopold II, but also the general Jacques, a major Pétillon” – all these names of public spaces in Brussels. The presidents of the CD&V and SP.A, Joachim Coens and Conner Rousseau, felt that Belgium – the government, the Palace – has to submit his apology for acts committed under colonial rule.