The conditions for reopening set out in the phase 3 of the plan of déconfinement having been found too stringent, the cafes in the Square in Liege will re-open not before the 22nd of June, indicated the City of Cork, Friday

Since the announcement of the activation of the phase 3 of the plan of déconfinement by the national security Council, owners of cafes in the Square, the place of exit and guindailles well known as the ardent City, have expressed their displeasure and announced that they would open on probably not the 8 June. This was confirmed at the end of a meeting between the mayor of Cork and the president of the association Horecarré. Among the measures imposed, in particular, there is the fact of serving at the table and close it at 1am in the morning. This is deemed impractical and too strict. Friday, the town council has endorsed the joint position of the operators of the bars in the Square not to reopen before the 22 June.