CLEVELAND, Ohio – I love scrolling through Netflix and other sites to find movies that came out with a lot of buzz but are ones I never got around to see. “No Country for Old Men” and “Vanilla Sky” are two such films. One impressed; the other did not.

No Country for Old Men (Netflix)

This 2007 film really, in its own way, is fairly minimalistic, with Javier Bardem as a stoic killing machine and Josh Brolin his prey. Tommy Lee Jones plays his usual seasoned sheriff role in this cat-and-mouse plot. I remember the buzz it had, and it draws you in, wondering what the next moves will be. It will come as no surprise it’s a Coen brothers-directed film.

Tom Cruise stars in “Vanilla Sky.” Give it a 10 on the confusion scale.Katsumi Kasahara, Associated Press 

Vanilla Sky (Netflix)

Somehow it escaped me that it was Cameron Crowe who directed and wrote the screenplay for this 2001 movie, and that was really the main draw for me – not being the biggest Tom Cruise fan – to watch. I remember reading how confusing this movie is. Blurring the lines between the protagonist’s reality and dream world proves to be a consistent mess. They should have called this Confusion City.

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