The conviction of the member of provincial parliament Eric Massin by the correctional court of Charleroi for abuse is a “strong signal,” according to the victim of these remarks, the mp-mayor of Courcelles, Caroline Teasing (MR). Such a judgment in a key man policy in such circumstances is rare not to say non-existent, she noted.

” A strong signal has been given. It is rare, if not practically non-existent in our political environment, that a judgement which condemns a man or a woman politician for insulting a colleague. It is considered that men and women politicians must have thick skin. I have tough skin, but I’ve always thought that the insult was not an argument, in politics as elsewhere, and that it was the first step towards violence in society. The court recalls that the representative political representative of the citizens should lead by example, and that it must not infringe the honor and the consideration of the people. I am happy to have been followed and that this has been said so clearly, ” said Mrs. Teasingly in a press release.