The investigators have completed Thursday a search of the home of the widow of Jan Palsterman, who was murdered during the burglary by the Killers of Brabant Delhaize in Aalst in 1985. “The widow had received a copy of the folder at the time, and this copy contains old PV and documents that the federal prosecutor is no longer in its own folder”, according to the statements of the lawyer of the woman Saturday in Het Nieuwsblad.

In 1995, Marie-Jeanne Callebaut and other victims had received their own copy of the dossier out of the hands of the minister of Justice of the time. At the time, there were already more than a million pages, and had a metre and a half thick. The widow is then rounded out the folder with newspaper clippings, correspondence and his own documents on the fate of her husband. The documents were entrusted to a provisional administrator as Marie-Jeanne Callebaut is hosted in a rest home and is in poor health, ” explains his lawyer, Peter Callebaut.