Just when you thought there was a dating app for every demographic, orangutans will now have the chance to swipe right.

A Dutch zoo is hoping to help their primates find love through what it has dubbed “Tinder for orangutans.”

In the new love experiment, apes at the Apenheul Primate Park in the Netherlands will get to see photos of potential love interests. Researchers will then evaluate their responses to determine the pair’s compatibility, the Washington Post reported.

“After seeing the photos, the monkeys have to push a button on the screen,” the park said in a statement. Hititbet “In this way, we can measure their capacity for reaction.”

During the four-year experiment, the zoo will show Samboja, an 11-year-old female orangutan, photos on a tablet of possible suitors from an international breeding program.

Researchers from Leiden University said they started the matchmaking program to improve breeding success among apes.

“Often, animals have to be taken back to the zoo they came from without mating,” zoo biologist Thomas Bionda told a local newspaper, according to the Guardian. “Things don’t always go well when canlı bahis a male and a female first meet.”

But for the lonely apes, it hasn’t been happily ever after yet. There are still some kinks to work out after, upon being given a tablet, 11-year-old Samboja destroyed it.

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