On Halloween, most tweens and teens are fueled by cold sweats and thrills. However, it is generally different for toddlers who often stay away from anything that rhymes with horror. Luckily, the TV marking the October 31 holiday isn’t all hemoglobin and suffocating moments; there are also lovely get-togethers for kids who just want to celebrate…and laugh.

Here are some proofs.

The famous Minnie has more than one trick up her sleeve. But that of causing fear among viewers is not one of them. Same for the popular Daisy. In this 49-minute long episode, the two great friends must pass four tests in order to earn the diploma that will make them real witches. Again, cooperation will be key to their success.

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With the number of missions they accomplish and adventures in which they take part, Ryder’s dogs were not going to miss the opportunity to take part in a Halloween party. In this episode of the very first season, things don’t quite go as planned, because the boat of the unique Captain Turbot seems possessed… Of course, Chase, Marcus, Ruben, Zuma, Rocky and Stella are there to restore order at sea.

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Abby Hatcher is a girl determined to help her cute, emotional Fuzzly pals get the most out of the adventures they embark on daily. She wants to make the special residents of her hotel better people, even when Otis disappears while the whole gang is busy collecting candy in the neighborhood. But do not panic: Abby Hatcher is on the spot.

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It’s hard to find more curious than Dino, a baby dinosaur who is eager to learn and always ready to have fun. In the last appointment of his first season, the endearing animal finds his playmate Dina to celebrate the candy and disguise party in his own way. It’s time for him to discover a new way to express his creativity and once again charm the little ones.

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The fact that they are monsters cannot be taken away from them. However, that does not mean that they take pleasure in spreading terror around them. On the contrary. Having inherited an extraordinary power like that of their parents, they rather develop their extraordinary skills in groups and have fun making the world more pleasant, as when they decide that their neighbors deserve the tradition of the end of the month of October is once again respected.

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