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The law firm has exceeded the figure of 103 million euros in debt cancellation of its clients

MV, a resident of Torremolinos (Málaga), went to Repair your Debt, a leading law firm in Spain in the Second Chance Law, in a desperate situation. “Due to a series of problems, he began to have a debt that prevented him from living normally. After a few months, he could no longer support himself with the expenses of the house and the company. For this reason, he was forced to ask for some loan. Subsequently, the business continued to generate debts and had no choice but to continue paying, while supporting the children. Finally, the only viable solution to their problems was to take advantage of the Second Chance Law, “explain the lawyers of Repair your Debt. Now, thanks to the law firm and the Second Chance Law, you can start from scratch, after dictating the Court of First Instance No. 4 of Torremolinos (Málaga) Benefit of Exemption of Unsatisfied Liabilities (BEPI) in your case. SEE SENTENCE. Those responsible for Repair your Debt lawyers explain that this case in Andalusia is one of many nationwide of people who have a bad time and who come to the office every day to get a court ruling that exonerates them from their debts. tu Deuda Lawyers launched its activity in 2015, the same year in which the law came into force in Spain. Given its experience over these months, it has managed to position itself as a clear benchmark in the cancellation of its clients’ debt with the application of the Second Chance Law. It must be said that it has currently exceeded the figure of 103 million euros of exonerated debt . The law firm has a 100% success rate in cases brought before Spanish courts. The key to Repair Your Debt is that they are pioneers in the Second Chance Law: “we were the first to start this procedure in Spain. “We continue to be the only law firm that is exclusively dedicated to this legislation. This offers us great added value which, together with the testimonials of people who recommend our services, are two of our main attractions.” objective that no person without debts is left without the possibility of benefiting from the Second Chance Law. For this reason, it adapts to the circumstances of these individuals and freelancers to offer them payment facilities. “Many are afraid to start the procedures in case it is complicated and others simply cannot pay the fees that some lawyers ask them to,” they say. “We -they add- start from the basis that they are ruined people, that they cannot cope with the debts they have contracted and that we have to be very understanding with their situation.”

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