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Granada, January 5, 2024.- In a symphony of immersive luxury and exclusivity, La Última Clandestina emerges as an elite culinary movement, a gastronomic sect whose mission transcends the act of eating and stands as a milestone of haute cuisine.

With a menu of 10 courses of delicacies, this experience invites diners to a ritual where detail and mystery converge in a banquet for the senses.

At the core of La Última Clandestina is a clear purpose: to transform the gastronomic experience into an integral and immersive phenomenon, through an initiative that debuts on the 15th anniversary of Zarcillo Restaurante and seeks to rescue the culinary art from trivialization and criticism, elevating it. to a dimension of respect and appreciation.

Every movement has a leader, and the sect of good taste is no exception. Álvaro García, Chef of La Quisquilla and gastronomic consultant, contributes his strategic vision, culture of detail and experience in haute cuisine, being the mind behind the concept and philosophy of the event. His leadership and creativity are essential to turn each dinner into an experience that redefines the limits of gastronomy and positions this new movement as a highly valuable asset on the global culinary scene.

This annual event, held each time in a different city, selects its diners with only two access options: receiving the personal and non-transferable invitation that the organization sends by WhatsApp or as a companion of one of the guests.

For two months, those chosen receive subtle clues that build anticipation, without revealing the meeting place or the details of the menu.

On the appointed day, attendees are picked up at pre-established points in black vans with tinted windows, and are given the clothing, consisting of a black cape with a hood and a white mask, achieving total anonymity. Upon arriving at the event site, guides direct you in silence. Each person receives the number that will determine their seat at dinner.

In a hall, mobile phones are confiscated, depositing them in numbered boxes. This act symbolizes disconnection from the outside and total immersion in the experience.

The message of the event, projected in a striking introductory video, raises a reflection on today’s society, consumed by gluttony and constant criticism, and invites attendees to value effort and creativity in the kitchen.

Following this, a curtain rises, revealing an impressive presidential table, adorned with Venetian lamps, imperial hydrangeas, Limoges porcelain tableware, designer cutlery and Riedel glassware.

In an unexpected twist, the gourmets discover that they do not sit next to their companions. The assigned numbers guide each one to their seat, encouraging meetings and dialogues with other members of the sect selected to match similar profiles. This distribution is a key element of the ritual, designed to break down social barriers and foster a shared, but deeply individualistic, experience.

Part of the soul of La Última Clandestina lies in the ability to transform unique spaces into culinary temples. Each location selected for the events encapsulates a unique atmosphere, loaded with history, art and mysticism, in line with the philosophy of offering an experience that transcends the conventional. From an art gallery to a lonely lighthouse, an ancient castle or an old factory, each space is chosen for its ability to evoke deep sensations and be the backdrop that intensifies the dining experience.

As an example, the first Última Clandestina was held in a contemporary art gallery in Motril, with lithographs by great masters such as Miró, Picasso and Jaume Plensa, among others, creating an environment where visual art and haute cuisine dialogued in harmony.

The dinner was an ode to the culture of detail and creativity. Each dish on the ten-course menu, formulated by Álvaro García, master of ceremonies, and Antonio Lorenzo, Michelin-recommended guest chef, was a masterpiece in itself.

Starting with an appetizer of Motril shrimp in tea-like consommé, the menu took diners on a sensory journey with dishes such as oyster enhanced with sour apple and cucumber water frost, and a magical knuckle wrap and eel.

The subtly tempered hake, topped with Riofrío caviar, and the beef with charcoal artichoke were just some of the delicacies presented in a careful and theatrical atmosphere of luxury.

The desserts, sweet vegetables and a delicate chestnut cream with vanilla ice cream, closed an evening that gave diners a strange sensation of pleasure and amazement, because more than a demonstration of technique and flavor, La Última Clandestina is a testimony of commitment de García with innovation and excellence in haute cuisine.

The testimonies of the attendees reveal intense mixed emotions and perceptions. Many described a feeling of controlled abandonment, a restlessness transformed into an intriguing adventure. The uncertainty gave way to the feeling of being immersed in a mysterious film, with anonymous figures dressed in a disturbing way.

“I felt like I was in a procession, a Masonic ritual, or a scene from the movie Eyes Wide Shut. There was a mystical air that enveloped us,” one attendee shared. Others expressed surprise at being separated from their phones and companions, a twist that, while disconcerting, was a source of absolute pleasure as they immersed themselves in the dining experience.

“The food, the aroma of the flowers, every sip of champagne… it was a sensory delight. And discovering that the people next to me were so compatible with my interests was the icing on the cake,” commented another guest.

After the desserts, many attendees had changed their perspective, capturing the message of the event: an invitation to value the art and effort behind gastronomy.

La Última Clandestina is established as an annual event, each edition held in a different city, reserved for the elite due to its selective nature and a matter of price, approaching three hundred euros per diner. Attendance at this top-level culinary event is an opportunity limited to those chosen by the organization or proposed by another guest. Sources close to the board suggest that the next edition will be held in Granada, with an even more spectacular and enigmatic experience.

From the first message guests receive to the enigmatic pick-up in vans, to the reveal of the dinner space, all elements of La Última Clandestina have been designed to immerse diners in a world where every detail forms a larger narrative. .

In this scenario, Cacao emerges as a strategic and creative brain, demonstrating great ability to merge elements of marketing, theatricality and event planning that give rise to unique concepts. In addition to logistics management, it is responsible for creating the atmosphere, ensuring that each moment contributes to the overall experience, where gastronomy is just one component of a richer and more complex whole.

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