Valencia, April 24, 2023.

The law firm has exceeded the figure of 135 million euros exonerated to its clients

Repair your Debt, the leading law firm in Spain in the Second Chance Law, has managed to cancel a debt that amounted to 91,845 euros in Valencia by applying the Second Chance Law. SEE JUDGMENT The lawyers of Repara tu Deuda explain their story: “the bankrupt party bases its state of insolvency on its position in relation to the debts contracted with various financial entities and with the mortgage loan that encumbers a property it owns. For this reason, decided to start the process to take advantage of the Second Chance Law”. Now, thanks to Repara tu Deuda Abogados and the Second Chance Law, you can start again without debts, after the Court of First Instance No. 7 of Valencia has issued the Exoneration Benefit of Unsatisfied Liabilities (BEPI) where appropriate. Repair your Debt Abogados launched its activity in 2015, the year in which the law came into force in Spain. During this time, it has exceeded the amount of 135 million euros in debt cancellation for its clients with the application of the Second Chance Law. In addition, to those who cannot take advantage of this procedure, it offers the possibility of canceling credit cards, revolving cards, mini-credits, loans and mortgages. The law firm has a 100% success rate in cases presented before the Spanish courts . Prior to the start of the process, it carries out a detailed free analysis of the case to ensure that it is a person who meets the requirements to benefit from this mechanism. Thus, it does not waste time or money for those who do not meet the conditions for the process.Repara tu Deuda fights so that anyone with debt problems can access the Second Chance Law, always adapting the fees depending on the economic circumstances the client’s. “Many people face the procedures with some misgivings since they mistakenly believe that the process is going to be more complicated than it finally turns out. When finished, they breathe a sigh of relief when they directly verify the high benefits of having started it since they disappear from the delinquency lists, they can re-register assets in their name and they stop receiving the calls from banks and financial institutions that cause so much anguish”. The profile of those who decide to start this process is very diverse: parents who endorsed their children to buy a flat, small businessmen who set up a business or who made investments with negative results, people who are unemployed or suffer from complicated work circumstances, individuals who have been victims of scams, divorcees who have verified the increase in expenses derived from their new situation, etc.

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