BRUSSELS, April 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The winners of the 2023 Monde Selection Quality Awards were announced at the World Quality Selections in Brussels, Belgium. Yili received five awards, including one gold, three silver and a bronze, for its star products: INIKIN Volcanic Mineral Water, Yili Organic Camel Milk Powder, PlantiFresh, Meiyitian Lactobacillus Drink White and Yili Ledou Milk Crisp Cup. This is another important recognition of Yili’s high-quality products, after its recent success at the 2023 Global Food Innovation Awards.

Monde Selection, also known as World Quality Selections, is a world leader in evaluating the quality of consumer products. It assembles a jury of eminent experts to evaluate the quality, taste and other attributes of the products according to a rigid evaluation procedure and strict standards. The jury is made up of independent international experts in their respective fields, including tasters, flavor technologists, Michelin-starred chefs, professional food critics, members of Euro-Toques and members of the Belgian Mastercooks.

The award-winning INIKIN Volcanic Mineral Water is naturally filtered through igneous volcanic rock and contains 5 types of volcanic minerals. With a smooth and sweet taste, this high-quality drink provides health benefits for consumers.

Yili Organic Camel Milk Powder is made from 100% pure organic milk from Bactrian camels from the Alxa desert and contains more than 20 different types of natural nutrients.

PlantiFresh, Yili’s first low-temperature plant-based beverage, is produced using a single-enzyme hydrolysis reaction to extract sweetness from oats, allowing consumers to enjoy a healthy and delicious beverage.

Meiyitian Lactobacillus Drink White is a non-fat refreshing active lactobacilli dairy drink with 25% less sugar. Produced through a unique fermentation process, the product benefits the gastrointestinal health of consumers by helping to reduce the digestive burden.

Made with imported New Zealand milk, plus real fruit and prebiotics, Yili Ledou Milk Crisp Cup provides the highest amounts of nutrients needed to support healthy growth and development in children, while also tasting wonderful.

The five Monde Selection awards are a strong recognition of Yili’s excellent results in quality, taste and innovation, and demonstrate the group’s deep understanding of consumer needs and its commitment to its concept of “no innovation, no there is future”.

Commenting on Yili’s achievement, Dr. Zhanyou Yun, Vice President of Yili Group, commented that, following its “New Vision for Value Creation”, Yili will continue to advance its innovation strategies to provide consumers with higher quality products and services. , support the high-quality development of the global health food industry, and strive to fulfill its dream of “Integratively Shared World Health”.

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