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Researchers from the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture (LITEIS Group) apply for a patent for a new industrialized construction system that is the result of detecting a need during the COVID-19 lockdown.

University and construction companies from different fields – ceramics, glues, metal cladding and polyethylene – join forces to create in record time a prototype of an industrialized balcony covered with a ceramic sandwich.

Barcelona, ​​March 3, 2023.- The new BIP (folding industrialized balcony) is a technical solution that allows the production of prefabricated lightweight balconies. These balconies fold up, stack on a truck and can be quickly unfolded and mounted as large shelving on the facade. Precisely, the first prototype of the BIP is being exhibited at CEVISAMA, at Feria Valencia, these days, between February 27 and March 3.

Dr. Vicenç Sarrablo, professor who directs this research project and coordinator of the Technological Innovation Laboratory for Industrialized and Sustainable Building (LITEIS) at UIC Barcelona, ​​had the idea during COVID-19. “When people were in lockdown during COVID, I realized that balconies were required and that it would be very interesting to have pre-fabricated balconies that are easy to install on any façade.”

The research process has provided a response from the academic world to the most current challenges: the demand of homeowners to have balconies after the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to control rising housing construction costs and the shortage labor in the construction sector.

The first step after the initial conception of the idea has been to develop a test that has been presented to the market before starting the pre-industrialization project. The patent for this project is applied for.

The BIPs (industrialized folding balcony) have become a reality in record time thanks to the fact that the university and companies in the construction sector, such as the Reymansa gluing company, Neolith ceramics, the TAS metal cladding company and the Swedish multinational materials core Diab, lined up to push the project forward.

The project is having a great reception, according to Sarrablo: “The intense support of different companies in the construction sector for this pilot proposal has already been exciting. But what is being really surprising is the spectacular reception of the BIP prototype by the public, especially architects, at this Cevisama fair”.

The team, led by Dr. Vicenç Sarrablo, is made up of Oriol Carrasco, professor of Construction and member of LITEIS and PhD in Architecture; and by Sofía Argelich and Martina Mussacchio, both research assistants at the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture.

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