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SHANGHAI, Jan. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Today, mmWave radar technology is rapidly gaining ground as the preferred choice for indoor human detection applications. It is empowering many aspects of smart life, due to its notable advantages, including strong privacy protection, contactless sensing and accurate sensing capabilities, as well as its rich functions of vital signs monitoring, human tracking, posture recognition, etc

To make it easier for customers to use Rhine mmWave radar SoCs to expand the market for indoor mmWave radar applications such as smart homes, senior care and smart offices, the Calterah Indoor Human Point Cloud SDK was launched based on Rhine SoC. This SDK uses the Rhine SDK architecture and integrates an indoor human detection module. Thanks to the radar signal processing baseband integrated into Rhine SoCs and Calterah’s proprietary indoor radar signal processing algorithms, the indoor human detection module can generate rich, high-quality point clouds with a detection powerful. These point clouds feature strong cohesion so that higher-level applications can better differentiate human targets, as well as the ability to represent body postures and movements, making it easier for higher-level applications to achieve more advanced indoor radar functions. including fall detection and gesture recognition.

Rich, high-quality, highly cohesive point clouds with powerful detection of stationary and moving human targets

Various indoor mmWave radar applications enabled by Rhine SoCs

With the Calterah Indoor Human Point Cloud SDK, customers can use Rhine mmWave radar SoCs to develop competitive indoor radar products for various application scenarios:

With the recently released Calterah Indoor Human Point Cloud SDK, Calterah is ready to work with customers to expand the market for indoor mmWave radar applications. In the future, Calterah will continue to use more cutting-edge mmWave radar technologies to power smart life, fulfilling its mission of “Making millimeter waves work for everyone.”

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