Spain, April 24, 2023.

The Spanish company has released its new guide to find the perfect mattress

Colchón Exprés, the specialized mattress store, is proud to announce the launch of its latest ranking of the best mattresses of 2023. This ranking offers consumers a complete and detailed selection of the best mattresses on the market, with the necessary information to make a correct choice. You can see the complete ranking here. The company with more than 15 years of experience in the rest sector has prepared this list for all those users who want to renew their old mattress, but do not really know where to start looking. It is a very useful guide to have as a reference when starting the search process for a new rest equipment. This ranking includes a wide variety of options, from spring mattresses to viscoelastic mattresses, going through hybrid options that combine the best of both worlds. The experts at Colchón Exprés have evaluated each of the mattresses based on their quality, durability, firmness, comfort and the opinions of customers who have purchased these mattresses, in order to offer a selection of the best mattresses of 2023. Among the mattresses included in In the ranking, there are leading brands in the market, such as Flex, Sonpura, Emma, ​​Ce Ingravity and Relax, detailed information has been provided on each of the models included in the ranking, so that consumers can make the correct choice. In addition, being able to access customer reviews to see first-hand the experience of other users with each mattress. The selection of the best mattresses is not the only thing that this company has to offer. As one of the leading stores in the mattress market, it also offers numerous benefits for its customers, including free shipping, as well as the possibility of enjoying up to 120 trial nights on some Ingravity brand models. Financing is also offered for up to 40 months for those who prefer to pay in installments. At Colchón Exprés they are committed to the quality and well-being of their customers. For this reason, they strive to offer a wide variety of high-quality options, so that each person can find the perfect mattress for their needs. Visit their website by clicking here and discover the wide variety of options available. In addition, if you have any questions or need advice, they have a team of experts who are always available to help and advise.” We hope this ranking will be of great help to all those who are looking for the best mattress to rest and sleep comfortably. Do not hesitate to visit to find out more details about the ranking and its offers”.

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