Terrassa, April 25, 2023.

This company, leader in the sofa market, reactivates its campaign aimed at providing the group of women with a tool to stop the negative consequences of the glass ceiling with which they find themselves in their jobs

Galerías del Tresillo reactivates its Woman Week campaign, which on this occasion, has as its main objective to reduce the consequences of the glass ceiling that women encounter in their work environments. Women have less possibilities of ascending in their jobs and They earn much less than men. This is demonstrated by the data from the Active Population Survey (EPA) and the Ministry of Finance: Only 6 out of every 100 CEOs in Spain are women and working women in general earn a total of 4,713 euros less per year than men. The reasons are multiple. According to the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations, of all the leaves of absence requested to care for children in 2020, 90% were requested by women. In addition, just over two million women work part-time (for 700,000 men) and 20% of them have hourly contracts, which limits the development of their professional careers. In this context, Galerías del Tresillo, in line with of social responsibility extends its campaign to curb the inequality of women in the world of work. To do this, starting this April 25, it will offer an exclusive discount for the female group of up to 26% on its entire catalog of products. In this way, women will be able to visit any of the 21 stores of this furniture chain ( https://www.galeriasdeltresillo.com/tien…) or enter the website www.galeriasdeltresillo.com and after presenting the coupon WOMANWEEK-23 they will obtain the discount directly and exclusively.Jaime Chía, director of Galerías del Tresillo , explained that after the positive response received by the Woman Week campaign on March 8, “Galerías del Tresillo expands the action to reach more women, and this time, raise awareness not only about the wage gap but also about the existence of the ceiling glass that impedes the job development of thousands of women in the country”.

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