Spain, April 25, 2023.

The manufacturer of professional detergents and disinfectants Proeco Químicas has developed an intelligent dispensing machine that saves more than 97% of the containers that are put into circulation in the market, in addition to controlling consumption and the expense that is generated

The machine, which they have called PQfusion and which was presented at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office last March, contains inside a pack of superconcentrates capable of producing more than 1,100 liters of varied detergents for general cleaning, saving more than 70kg of plastic and 20kg of cardboard for each load of superconcentrates, which amounts to more than 1100 empty containers, with their respective caps and cardboard boxes for each cycle of use, in addition to also reducing by more than 97 % the carbon footprint due to savings in the transportation of conventional products and production processes. Through an internal technological process, PQfusion accurately dilutes the concentrates that are housed inside, resulting in a high-quality product ready for use. After Entering the user’s personal code, the machine automatically dispenses the desired product without the need to make any type of selection, avoiding errors and accidents. Subsequently, the machine sends the information to the cloud, generating all kinds of information and statistics such as environmental savings, consumption per user, consumption per machine, load status, location, etc. All this information is available to the person in charge of the team from its application and updated in real time. Its compact design is designed for installation in cleaning companies, hotels, healthcare centers, public bodies and places in general where professional cleaning is required. Innovations like PQfusion are those that help sustainability and the preservation of the environment. Proeco Químicas has produced an illustrative video of the equipment that can be viewed at the following link: video PQfusion.

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