Madrid, April 24, 2023.

This type of orthodontics achieves the same results as braces, but with greater comfort and without altering the personal image. This is the case of MY Aligners, a Spanish brand of transparent aligners that has been going strong, also offering a good quality-price ratio.

When you think of orthodontic treatment, images of metal braces come to mind. Traditionally, braces have been the option used to align teeth and correct crowding and dental malocclusions. However, thanks to technology, currently, invisible orthodontics with transparent aligners allows solving the same cases, simple and complex, in an effective, comfortable and discreet way. More and more invisible orthodontic brands are on the market. This is the case of MY Aligners, a company with a Spanish label that has been going strong to become the reference brand in this orthodontic modality at a price suitable for all pockets. But why choose invisible orthodontics? Without a doubt, the smile is one of the most characteristic personal traits. For this reason, aligners are the best solution to take care of it and beautify it, avoiding resorting to braces and all the sacrifices associated with them. Thus, more and more adults, children and adolescents are opting for this treatment. Transparent aligners are a new concept in orthodontics: invisible, comfortable and removable. With them, any type of oral problem can be corrected, such as with braces, and align the smile without altering daily habits. Thanks to the fact that they can be removed from the mouth, it is not necessary to change the hygiene routine or diet. This orthodontic system also does not cause friction and injuries and is practically imperceptible, even over short distances. Invisible orthodontics is designed from a 3D impression of the mouth, so it is not necessary to make the aligners. taking measurements with traditional moulds. In fact, thanks to a virtual simulation of each case, the person can know how their smile will look even before starting treatment. MY Aligners is a case where discretion, comfort and effectiveness meet. This company is committed to invisible orthodontic treatments as an alternative to braces, with aligners designed by orthodontists, of the highest quality, efficiency and resistance. Thanks to this, you can say goodbye to discomfort, complexes, prohibitions and waiting, achieving a healthy and beautiful smile in a simple and painless way.

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