Barcelona, ​​April 24, 2023.

Joieria Grau, one of the most prestigious jewelry stores in Spain, celebrates its 75th anniversary this year with a very special campaign. In it, he combines his jewelry tradition with the innovation of Artificial Intelligence, creating a model of the future that has been named GAIA.

Since its birth in Lloret de Mar in 1947, Joieria Grau stood out thanks to its honest, humane treatment and its way of capturing the essence of each client. Today this small business created by the Grau family has stores in Barcelona, ​​Sabadell, Lloret de Mar and Blanes. Past, present and future of jewelry This year Joieria Grau celebrates its 75th anniversary by paying tribute to its past through a look towards the future. This is how GAIA was born, a model created through Artificial Intelligence. Her name refers to the mother of planet Earth according to Greek mythology and wants to highlight her commitment to technology and innovation, without neglecting her tradition and quality in each of her pieces. Pieces that are timeless now and will continue to be for another 75 years with their exquisite beauty, made to show off “your essence now and always”. The innovation of Joieria Grau and GAIA Grau has taken a step towards the future by integrating Artificial Intelligence into its creative process. With the aim of seeking a synergy between the past, the present and the future, she has created the first Artificial Intelligence used for this purpose. Thanks to this innovation, the jewelry store has managed to create a unique and differentiating campaign, being a pioneer in the use of AI in the jewelry sector. This initiative demonstrates the disruptive vision of Joieria Grau and its commitment to offer its customers unique and exclusive experiences. For another 75 years Many times anniversaries are celebrated by commemorating the past and valuing the path traveled, but not looking to the future. At Grau the future is bright, innovative and avant-garde, full of jewels that will accompany people during their day to day, because jewels are for life. In order for these jewels to last, Grau has its own workshop where its experts carry out the entire creative process; from the design to the meticulous setting of diamonds and precious stones. His artisan approach ensures authenticity and quality in each of his pieces.

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