ATLANTA, April 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Janya, a comprehensive provider of cloud platform solutions, today announced its partnership with Frndly TV to offer four channels on the Frndly TV service. Frndly TV is America’s most affordable Live TV provider, offering many top-tier live TV networks in the US. The partnership provides FrndlyTV access to Janya’s services to generate content and distribute live channels within from United States.

Janya Cloud Playout solution empowers channel producers with a range of unique features such as 24/7 cloud linear playback, cloud studio, video trimming and editing, cloud news, publishing, distribution and monetization through its platform. Frndly TV’s vMVPD service offers television programming at affordable prices for users, offering more than 40 live TV networks, including Hallmark Channel, A

MV Prabhakar, CTO of YuppTV/Janya said: “The adoption of technology around the world has given content producers opportunities like never before. It helps reach a wider audience, generating new revenue streams with marketing Provides We are pleased to announce our partnership with leading OTT service provider FrndlyTV, providing our Janya-Cloud Playout services to enable them to deliver new and exciting content to viewers and their families in the United States.”

Joey Monjure, Vice President of Product and CX, Frndly TV, said, “By leveraging Janya’s cloud streaming solution, we are able to offer unique channels. We look forward to further fostering the partnership and further increasing engagement by delivering additional content to our subscribers”.

About Janya

Janya is a cloud streaming platform that enables broadcasters like live TV, video-on-demand providers, and over-the-top multi-channel networking to reach a broader audience, leveraging new revenue streams through Immediate setup, no startup capital, FAST networks with ad monetization capabilities.


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