-Midea presents its smart energy management solution MHELIOS, which promotes a smarter and greener lifestyle

GUANGZHOU, China, April 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Midea, a leading brand of smart home appliances, has unveiled its latest smart energy management solution, the Midea Home Energy Linkage Inverter Optimization System (MHELIOS) at the 133. 3rd Canton Fair, one of the most important international fairs in the world, held in April. The launch is Midea’s latest innovation in professional solutions for home energy management and offers homeowners greater and greener control of their energy use.

MHELIOS is an intelligent energy management solution that includes an intelligent energy manager, which works as a hybrid inverter. When combined with solar panels, energy storage systems and smart appliances, MHELIOS maximizes the use of green electricity. With 98.2% efficiency and I-V curve scanning technology, the smart power manager can maximize the use of solar energy. The energy storage system supports flexible capacity expansion from 5 kWh to 40 kWh, to enable maximum PV self-consumption rates and cope with various scenarios. With a switching time of 10ms and off-grid unbalanced output technology, the smart power manager provides excellent standby performance, ensuring that users are not surprised during sudden blackouts, and may even be unaware of the power. power outage.

Together with the energy storage management function, the MHELIOS offers intelligent control of HVAC and heat pumps. With the help of AIoT technology, the system monitors when and how much energy the HVAC and heat pumps use. The system intelligently controls HVAC and heat pump operation without compromising comfort and convenience, converting excess PV energy into hot water, space cooling and heating to maximize cost savings. In the same line of intelligent energy control, MHELIOS has been developed with simple management in mind. Solar energy, energy storage, HVAC systems and heat pumps can be effectively managed through an application to reduce the costs associated with energy use. As a result, homeowners can save through real-time monitoring and maintain a green lifestyle without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

MHELIOS is the next step in Midea’s promise to build a greener planet. Although focused on developing and manufacturing smart home appliances and energy systems, the company has been committed to its Green Strategy since 2021. Part of that strategy includes peaking carbon emissions by 2030 and being carbon neutral by 2060. Other Steps in this commitment include green design, procurement and manufacturing, to ensure that the company’s values ​​are embedded in its products.

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