Kubo Legal’s team of lawyers achieves a new total exoneration for a debt of €82,000 in Madrid through the Second Chance Law

Madrid, April 25, 2023.- Kubo Legal’s team of lawyers achieves a new total exoneration for a debt of €82,000 in Madrid, through the Second Chance Law. Through the management of its specialized debt lawyers, the Mercantile Court No. 17 of Madrid has issued the Unsatisfied Liability Exemption Benefit (BEPI) for a client who had accumulated a total debt of 82,000 euros that she could not meet. The debtor’s state of insolvency began with the accumulation of several loans and credits with different financial entities in a period of economic difficulties. Her situation, far from improving over time, worsened, until her level of indebtedness became unsustainable. It was then that she decided to go to Kubo Legal where, thanks to the support of the professionals who accompanied her and guided her throughout the entire process, she has managed to the exoneration of 100% of your debt. In short, the Second Chance Law tries to provide a legal solution to individuals and self-employed persons who cannot pay the debts they have contracted, allowing them to free themselves from them and start over from scratch. The benefits of taking advantage of the Second Chance Law is the cessation of embargoes and executions. Many people live in a truly distressing situation with the threat of embargo.Another benefit is getting off the list of delinquents and being reincorporated into the financial system.And last but not least, the peace of mind of not receiving calls from the creditors. So far this year, Kubo Legal has reached the figure of 10 million euros canceled in debts, helping more than 1,500 families to redirect their financial situation and start a new life. Those people who have debts and find it difficult to pay them, can receive free advice and without obligation from the lawyers of Kubo Legal. Issuer: Kubo Legal

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