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BEIJING, April 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The China by La Vuelta – Beijing Changping Challenge was recently launched through a press conference held at the Future Science City of Changping District in Beijing during which announced that registration was open and disclosed all relevant information, such as maps of the route, the layout of the schedules and the registration process. It is the first time that La Vuelta, a competition with almost a hundred years of history, is held in China. The original essence of the competition will be presented in Changping, Beijing, and the world will feel the unique charm of the event.

The first Desafío China by La Vuelta – Beijing Changping is themed “Cycling and Encounter”, which means that through cycling, people can find the courage to challenge themselves and push the limits, physical and mental relaxation in nature, the meaning of sustainability, your best self and a better tomorrow.

Highlights of Desafío China by La Vuelta – Beijing Changping

The Desafío China by La Vuelta – Beijing Changping will be held on June 17 and 18, 2023. In the two-day competition, four distinctive tests will be held respectively: Circuit Race, Team Time Trial, Family Fun Ride and Road Race, which They could meet the needs of different groups. The participants are divided into two groups: Group of Legends and Group of Fans. In accordance with the regulations of the Chinese Cycling Association, the test will be timed and scored, and those classified will receive a medal after the competition.

Circuit Race, Team Time Trial and Family Fun Ride will be held on June 17 and are for the Amateur Group and are open to public registration. Circuit Race and Team Time Trial are races of 5 kilometers per lap, covering 5 laps and 26.2 kilometers in total; Family Fun Ride is a 5 kilometer lap race, which must be completed in 1 hour. The departure and arrival points are located at the Future Science City Sports Center in Changping District, along with Future Science City East Road, Yingcai North Second Road, Yingcai Road of the City of Sciences of the Future and the avenue of the City of Sciences of the Future. The Future Science City cycle section is a wide four-way bi-directional lane, which passes over two iconic bridges where participants can enjoy the refreshing urban landscape.

The Road Race will be held on June 18, and is a 102.5-kilometre race with a 7-kilometre honor course and a 95.5-kilometre competitive course. The difficulty of the route is intermediate, and the departure and arrival points are also at the Sports Center of the City of Sciences of the Future. The tour passes through the Ming Tombs Reservoir in Changping District, where participants will have the unique experience of crossing the reservoir dam. And pass by the Ming Tombs, which are a World Cultural Heritage Site and a Level 5A National Tourist Attraction. It is worth mentioning that Wangbai Road is open to cyclists for the first time, allowing them to enjoy the scenery of the valley. At the same time, the Wenyu River Greenway is added to the course, where cyclists can relax in the shade of the trees and prepare for the final sprint. The tour connects ancient and modern cultural and natural landscapes, greatly enhancing the cycling experience.

The China Challenge by La Vuelta – Beijing Changping will be held on a completely closed course to guarantee the safety of participants and spectators. At the same time, comprehensive services and support will be offered. For example, to ensure that cyclists can enjoy the competition and be safe, a bicycle inspection zone, a repair zone and a washing zone will be set up. In addition, there will be a balance bike area for children, where they can participate and enjoy cycling in a fun way. During the event, there will also be performances for participants and visitors to enrich their time during the weekend.

The registration period for the Desafío China by La Vuelta – Beijing Changping is currently open. You can get more information about the competition and registration details through the official website:

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