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Spain, February 16, 2023.

Láser Stop Tabaco and Psicologeando, two Spanish companies, create an alliance that combines the purifying technology of the diode laser with the support of a psychological therapy with the aim of helping residents in Spain to eliminate smoking from their lives

According to the WHO, smoking tobacco is the main cause of lung cancer, and is responsible for more than two thirds of the world’s deaths from this disease. In addition, in studies carried out by the Spanish pneumology society Separ, both the harmful effects of tobacco and the relationship with the spread of COVID-19 are demonstrated. This has resulted in the tightening of laws against tobacco. The new anti-smoking law in Spain, which is already in force, seeks to reduce consumption by up to 30%. With this objective, smoking is prohibited in the car, on the terraces of bars (if they have more than two closed walls) and restaurants or on the beaches. These measures also seek to protect passive smokers, such as hotel employees and non-smokers. Faced with this health crisis, companies such as Láser Stop Tabaco and Psicologeando, which have treatment services to stop smoking, have decided to form an alliance and present a joint and complete solution for all smokers residing in Spain. Laser Stop Tabaco has more than 17 years of experience and state-of-the-art technology with its laser to stop smoking, with which it already stands out in the market with a rate of 84% to 94% effectiveness and Psicologeando has a psychological therapy to stop smoking and its website show videos of positive opinions from many patients who claim to have personalized support, a flexible online schedule and results from the first session. The combination of these two Spanish companies promises to help people to quit smoking more easily and leaving behind the difficulties of withdrawal syndrome. The Laser Stop diode laser uses the acupuncture nerve points but without the needle pain, this technology is also used in therapies against anxiety and obesity due to its relaxing effect, and psychological therapy is an extra motivational aid to maintain the discipline and determination required to quit smoking. Both services complement each other perfectly and are currently the only ones on the market that do not have side effects and are suitable for everyone, including pregnant women.

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