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Spain, February 16, 2023.

The proprietary trading firm Noctorial has seen an increase of more than 700% in the number of Spaniards interested in joining the firm compared to before the pandemic. Due to the confinement, many people who worked in traditional businesses began to consider new ways of generating income remotely, with trading being the choice par excellence among Spaniards.

Since the start of the pandemic, Noctorial has allowed its traders to operate remotely and hybridly, a model that it continues to maintain today and caused applications to link to the firm to skyrocket in popularity. Also in part due to the proposal of disruptive value of the firm: a trader who wants to invest in the stock market no longer needs to risk their capital for it. Traders who seek to generate significant income in the markets come to Noctorial in search of operating with large capital accounts, since the firm provides to consistent traders with access to large capital funded accounts with which to operate and obtain profits. To access a Noctorial funded account, the trader must pass tests that have been specifically designed to evaluate their operations, their consistency and management strategy of risk. These tests have the function of training consistent traders so that they learn to correctly manage the risk they assume in their operations, for which are an excellent vehicle to become a professional trader. Once the trader passes the program, he directly accesses a funded account and obtains a significant part of the profits he generates with his trading, while another part of the profits goes to to the firm. With this value proposition, Noctorial seeks to attract the most talented traders committed to its development so that they operate with the firm’s capital and thus increase its benefits, establishing long-term relationships. Due to the great growth of the firm, Noctorial is expanding its international presence, they currently have a presence in the United States and Europe, and they plan to open offices in Dubai (UAE) and Latin America this year.

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