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– Mixpanel analytics can now be integrated into leading collaboration tools to streamline product innovation

Integrating Mixpanel analytics into tools like FigJam, Coda, and Notion helps product teams make collaborative decisions based on user data

Teams can now share information about data by entering a link in collaboration tools

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 13, 2023/PRNewswire/ — Mixpanel, the product analytics solution for product teams that powers more than 7,000 of the world’s most innovative digital companies, today released ‘Embeddable reports’ for tools like Coda, FigJam and Notion. The integration means anyone can now share Mixpanel analytics across these, and hundreds of other tools, to make collaborative product decisions faster, based on data about user behavior.

Product teams rely on a suite of tools to bring managers, designers, and engineers together to create winning digital products. Whether it’s Figma, which enables teams to create products together, or Coda, which unifies the product development lifecycle, digital innovators are heavy users of collaboration tools. That’s why Mixpanel has launched Embeddable reports, a new feature that makes it easy to share Mixpanel Boards and reports within the apps that product teams use every day.

Now, when teams are in FigJam – Figma’s online whiteboard tool – to plan their product roadmap, they can incorporate analytics that support new feature development, simply by pasting a link to the Mixpanel dashboard or report. Data is automatically updated in FigJam, so teams never have to worry about data being out of sync. For example, if the proposal is to revamp an app’s notifications feature, teams can embed a Mixpanel report showing buy-in among different types of users to support the proposal.

“Having access to the right data in the right place means teams can build the right things for their users and make them even better over time,” explained Anna Kohnen, Head of Business Development and Partnerships at Figma. “Our FigJam integration with Mixpanel helps teams make data-driven decisions and move work faster, all in one place.”

Teams use Coda to centralize information and context in a single hub, thereby reducing information silos. Teams using Coda can now embed Mixpanel reports and dashboards that track key performance indicators, so everyone knows the team’s goals and progress.

“Our users need to make data-driven decisions, and they often rely on Mixpanel to figure out what works. With this collaboration, teams can integrate Mixpanel Boards into Coda documents to share insights, collaborate, and make better decisions, all in one place. Now, teams no longer have to worry about out-of-date information, and can easily share information to save time and take action,” added Evan Davies, Director of Solutions, Partnerships and Marketing at Coda.

Neil Rahilly, Vice President of Product and Design at Mixpanel, commented: “While anyone can gain insight into user behavior with Mixpanel, the value of that insight increases exponentially when shared. Embeddable reports make it easy to feed data into tools where teams are debating decisions, so they can make better decisions faster.”

Embeddable reports are available at no cost to all Mixpanel users, so anyone can add product data insights to brainstorming sessions, regular meetings, product roadmaps, and other collaborative documents. To learn more about Mixpanel’s embeddable reports, visit our blog.

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