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Madrid, February 13, 2023.

A couple from Mejorada del Campo (Madrid) achieves the exoneration of 340,000 euros of debt

The famous presenter, Javier Cárdenas, has conducted a new interview to learn about the case of a couple exonerated with Repara tu Deuda through the application of the Second Chance Law. He has done it in his program ‘Get up OK’ that can be heard through OKdiario. On this occasion, he has had the opportunity to tell the case of a married couple from Mejorada del Campo (Madrid), Elisabet Andrade and Rubén Alvarado, who now it is fully freed from its debt of 340,000 euros. Her story, as she herself explains, is as follows: “in 2007 my husband and I bought a house and the real estate bubble burst right after. We lost our job, we couldn’t pay the mortgage, we had to contract several more debts to to be able to face payments, credit cards, other personal loans. We had debts all over the place. The truth is that the situation was very tough. But when I met the Repara tu Deuda law firm, I always had a lot of faith in them. They “They have helped us in the process, they have done everything possible. Finally, today, they have freed us from a debt of 340,000 euros.” run out by banks and financial institutions and also access to new financing.The Court of First Instance No. 6 of Coslada (Madrid) has been the one that has exonerated the bankrupts of their debt through the Law of Second Chance. SEE JUDGMENT Javier Cárdenas is the new customer advocate for Repara tu Deuda. His mission is to help all individuals and freelancers who are interested in taking advantage of this legislation and thus put them in contact with the leading lawyers in this tool or mediate to resolve any incident. Thus, an email has been created to which you can write: cardenas@reparatudeuda.esAccording to the lawyers at Repara tu Deuda, “one of the fundamental maxims by which the office is governed is that all clients should feel fully cared for since they are people who suffer a situation of vital anguish that they have arrived at without having sought it. They must feel cared for in the best possible way, receiving personalized treatment. Only in this way do we understand that they must be treated by individuals and autonomous who want to take advantage of the Law of Second Chance”. The ‘Get Up OK’ program, which is broadcast daily through Okdiario, will continue to bring the stories of people who have managed to reverse the situation they found themselves in thanks to this fundamental procedure for many homes that need to start over. .To date, Repara tu Deuda Abogados has managed to reactivate many individuals and freelancers in the economy. And it should be noted that it has achieved the cancellation of more than 120 million euros of debt to its clients, who come from all the autonomous communities of Spain. In order to be worthy of this second chance, it is enough to meet a series of fundamental requirements. Thus, the amount of the debt cannot exceed 5 million euros, nor can the bankrupt have been convicted of socioeconomic crimes in the last ten years. In addition, the judge has to consider that he has acted in good faith since he does not pay because he cannot do so due to the economic situation in which he finds himself.

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