Spain, March 30, 2023.

Reale Seguros has signed a collaboration agreement with Nexxyo Labs, developers of Outer Ring MMO, a free multiplayer role-playing and action video game. The objective of the insurer is to explore, acquire knowledge and become familiar with the metaverse to provide its users with new opportunities, as well as add value to the gaming community.

In Spain, almost 1,800 million euros were billed in the video game industry in 2021, and the forecast for 2024 is to reach almost 2,300 million euros. Specifically, Spain is in the top 3 of the European countries with the highest penetration rate of e-sports. Reale Seguros’ commitment to innovation has led it to start exploring the opportunities offered by this sector in order to learn and become familiar with it, so that it can offer new products to its users and at the same time add value to the community. gaming. To this end, it has signed a collaboration agreement with the Navarra technology company Nexxyo Labs, one of the most important technology companies in Spain and Europe in the development of video games and Web3, and which is currently about to launch the Outer Ring video game. MMO which, in addition to its intrinsic gameplay, will offer an immersive experience in the Metaverse, starting in the central area of ​​Great Silver City.”The metaverse and the video game industry pose opportunities for different sectors from the point of view of development strategies business, marketing and forms of interaction with our customers and society. From Reale Seguros we signed this agreement with Nexxyo Labs with the aim of exploring these opportunities and the challenge that it implies”, stated José Ramón López, General Director of Strategy and Innovation of Reale Seguros. For his part, Daniel Valdés, CEO of Nexxyo Labs comments “Our goal is to create an ecosystem of projects that attract millions of players and use Web3/blockchain technology so that they can obtain ownership over the digital assets that they will acquire in the different games and metaverses of the ecosystem. The collaboration with Reale Seguros will allow us to offer a new layer of security and trust to our users in this new virtual world.” Insurance in the video game industry Reale Seguros will have a brand presence in this metaverse through Ingood by Reale Seguros, the Group’s insurtech to help the digital development of Reale and its Mediators, which develops products to protect the equipment of sports lovers . And whose future development could contemplate lines of personal insurance linked to the Nexxyo Labs video game ecosystem.”Since Reale LAB 1828, and in line with the innovation strategy of keeping the Company prepared for the challenges of the future, we believe that this collaboration will give us the chance to explore and understand the new challenges that the Metaverse and the gaming ecosystem present for the insurance industry, and understand how to become a value player for agents and users of the same”, said Patricia Torpedo, Director of the Office of Strategy and Reale LAB 1828 in Spain.

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