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Spain, March 7, 2023.

The press makes headlines such as “The meteoric rise of the Euribor puts 7% of mortgaged households against the ropes”, (La Razón, March 6, 2023); “The Euribor drowns families”, (Diario de Burgos, March 5, 2023); “Subrogate or renew the mortgage: what does it compensate for the rise in the Euribor?”, (La Información, March 4, 2023). Spaniards pay 55% more mortgage than months ago and sometimes the amount is multiplied by eleven. For this reason, youth resort to ‘Rent2Rent’ to emancipate themselves

The furor of ‘Rent2Rent’ is due, on the one hand, to the fact that young Spaniards are tired of being one of the slowest Europeans to emancipate themselves. They take three years longer than the European average, according to Eurostat, because access to housing in Spain is almost a chimera. “And with mortgages through the roof, even more”. ‘Rent to Rent’ is the formula that specialized companies such as Rentaya.es are popularizing in the Spanish real estate market. Rentaya is the company owned by the young successful businessman César Rivero, who stands out for his innovative nature. The ‘Rent to Rent’ system that César Rivero is popularizing consists of renting a room in a house with the right to share the common areas. Something similar to what used to be a pension, but with more guarantees and without depending on a private landlord. And, furthermore, with all the advantages of the new times.Advantages of ‘Rent2Rent’ On the other hand, ‘Rent2Rent’ is the most agile and immediate future formula, which provides more peace of mind to the owner of the house and more comfort and well-being to the tenant, with the maximum use of stays and services at the best price for both. A very imaginative and beneficial formula for all parties, which César Rivero is introducing in the country with an added value that exceeds the services of its competition. Rentaya.es and other specialized companies make this solution to the problem available to everyone. housing of the youth that wants to emancipate itself. It is also a practical solution for professionals or students who have to spend fairly long periods of time in cities other than their usual residences and do not want, or do not have enough budget, to support the expenses of a hotel or a residence hall. It is not tourist rental ‘Rent2Rent’ is not a rental formula for any tourist apartment, or anything similar, explains César Rivero. It offers accommodation solutions for medium- or long-term stays, which in the least of cases ranges from six months to one year, approximately. All of this is legally regulated by the Civil Code, which “must be kept in mind before the hoax that some have circulated questioning its legality”. The advantage of ‘Rent2Rent’ from the point of view of the user who rents is evident. It is a cheaper solution than renting an entire apartment and it gives you more mobility and possibilities for change, without causing you any inconvenience or harm. Advantages for the owner But, what about the owner? For the owner there are also many advantages. The first advantage is that the owner of the house rents from a specialized company, such as Rentaya.es, which is in charge of the conditioning and use of the space to provide maximum comfort to the tenants of the rooms. The second advantage is that the owner does not have to take care of anything. That is what Rentaya.es is for, or another company in this segment of real estate activity. Rentaya.es (or that other imaginary company) assumes the costs of the necessary reforms and is in charge of having everything ready and in perfect condition for the tenants. It is important to emphasize that the reforms carried out in the house remain in the house . That is, the owner keeps them. And that in the event that he wants to terminate the contractual relationship of the ‘Rent2Rent’ formula, his home will be renovated and revalued. In short, ‘Rent2Rent’ represents the best alternative solution to buying a home with a mortgage; allows young people and professionals or students to have a temporary residence in the medium or long term and obtain the advantages of an owner (housing), at significantly lower prices (rent). “It is, therefore, the best way to laugh at the Euribor. And mortgages. And everything regulated by law.”

Contact Contact name: César Rivero Contact description: Co-founder of Rentaya.es Contact telephone number: 680540496