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Tenerife, March 7, 2023.

The concert will be held on July 22 on the esplanade of the Puerto de la Cruz pier

The Latin music icon, winner of eleven Grammys and ten other Latin Grammys, Rubén Blades, returns to Tenerife, six years after his last concert on the island, with his Salswing Tour, a tour that has already traveled all over the world. the scenes of the United States. Blades is the head of a poster that also includes Olga Tañón, Joseph Fonseca, Tonny Tun Tun, La Sabrosa and Renzzo El Selector. Blades’ concerts will include songs from his latest album and his usual hits in the repertoire. He will be accompanied by the Roberto Delgado Big Band, made up of the 20 Panamanian musicians he has accompanied in the last 13 years. Tickets for the concert by Rubén Blades, Olga Tañón, Joseph Fonseca, Tonny Tun Tun, La Sabrosa and Renzzo el Selector are on sale at Cookmusicfest.es from 55 euros for general admission to 300 euros in the exclusive area, going through 180 in the VIP area. Cook Music Fest will be held from July 14 to 22, 2023 and, in addition to the concert on July 22 has already confirmed the presence of Prince Royce on July 15. Rubén Blades He is one of the most influential artists in Latin America, with more than 50 years of musical career, he continues to reap recognition such as receiving from the King of Spain, Felipe VI, the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts by resolution of the Ministry of Culture of Spain, or being awarded the Medal of Arts from Harvard University, for the first time to a Latin American artist.Blade s, named United Nations Ambassador against Racism in the year 2000; he has never ceased to be a sensitive artist and attentive to social issues, since he began to compose and write in his adolescence. Roberto Delgado’s orchestra, currently in Big Band format: Roberto DELGADO, Musical Direction, Arrangements, Bass and Voice ” Musical Director, Arranger, Bass, Backround vocalsJuan BERNA, PianoLuis Enrique BECERRA, Keyboards, Voice ” Keyboards, Backround vocalsAdemír BERROCAL, Timbales and Voice ” Timbales, Backround vocalsJosé Ramón GUERRA, Congas, Voice ” Congas, Backround vocalsRaúl RIVERA, Bongós and bell ” Bongoes, bellsDaniel JIMENEZ-BLOISE, Drums ” DrumsJuan Carlos LOPEZ, 1st. Trumpet ” 1st TrumpetAlejandro CASTILLO, 2nd. Trumpet ” 2nd TrumpetFrancisco DELVECCHIO, 1st. Trombone ” 1st TrombonIdígoras BETHANCOURT, 2nd. Trombone ” 2nd TrombonAvenicio NUÑEZ, 3rd. Trombone ” 3rd TrombonCarlos UBARTE, Baritone and Soprano Sax ” Baritone and Soprano SaxCarlos AGRAZAL, 1st. Alto Sax ” 1st Alto SaxMiguel ARAUZ, 2nd. Alto Sax ” 2nd Alto SaxLuis Carlos PEREZ, 1st. Tenor Sax ” 1st Tenor SaxIván NAVARRO, 2nd Tenor Sax ” 2nd Tenor SaxHiginio FLORES, 4th. Trombone ” 4th TrombonRoberto RUIZ, 3rd. Trumpet ” 3rd TrumpetEmaús MONTERO, 4th. Trumpet ” 4th Trumpet

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