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Madrid, January 16, 2024.

The franchise consultancy has defined the key trends that are shaping the future of franchising, including the adoption of digital marketing strategies, international growth, and the preference for smaller, cheaper commercial premises. These trends reflect changes in consumer preferences and market dynamics, as well as a deeper commitment to social responsibility and operational efficiency.

Emerging trends for 2024 promise to reshape not only the internal operations of these franchising companies, but also how they connect with their consumers and integrate into communities globally. This is an essential aspect to know how the franchise market behaves today and how it will do in the future. At BeFranquicia Consultores we analyze seven clear trends that will mark the future of Spanish franchises in the coming years.1. The arrival of AI in franchising: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the world of franchising, improving efficiency in the workflow and playing a crucial role in areas such as content generation, process automation, CRMs, planning of campaigns for franchisees, location of potential customers, implementation of chabots or data processing for the development of new offers and loyalty. All through Big Data, machine learning and predictive analysis, among others.2. Sustainability in franchising as an innovative trend: Franchises are adopting a sustainable approach not only as a market strategy, but as an essential commitment to the future. More and more franchising brands demonstrate how sustainability has become a fundamental pillar for success and innovation, whether in the field of electric mobility, renewable energy or cosmetic and food products.3. Capturing leads through digital platforms – Franchises are taking advantage of platforms such as Meta Ads and Google Ads to capture leads effectively and efficiently. These tools have become crucial elements for the growth and expansion of franchises, since they take advantage of digital communities and high interaction between users to present effective advertisements and obtain high-value leads.4. International Growth – Franchising brands are expanding their reach and operating in multiple countries, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by globalization. According to a recent study prepared by the Spanish Franchise Association, Spanish franchises have experienced a notable development in their international presence.5. Concepts that will stand out in 2024: Innovative concepts such as fast street food, marketing services for companies, home help services for individuals, specialized aesthetics and commercial franchises emerge, promising a year of innovation and expansion for the sector. Very specialized concepts in retail, which are not capable of competing with online purchases, are left behind.6. The presence of women in franchises and the impact of the new Parity Law: The presence of women in leadership roles and as franchise owners is increasing, driven by the new parity legislation in Spain, which seeks to guarantee equal representation equality of women and men in leadership positions.7. Smaller, cheaper commercial premises: A preference is observed for smaller and cheaper premises, reflecting a change in the franchises’ strategy to maximize profitability and adapt to new market demands. This trend impacts various sectors such as hospitality, where the aim is to maximize sales per square meter, thus achieving more profitable premises. Likewise, it occurs in the services sector with the aim of offering the same offer with fewer staff. The director of BeFranquicia, Carlos Blanco de Córdova, recognizes that “these trends reflect how much the landscape among franchise chains is changing and it is important that both franchisees and franchisors take them into account when making decisions not only in the future, but also in the present. Ultimately, the year 2024 promises to be a period of innovation and growth in the franchise sector, with a focus on technology, sustainability, inclusion and adaptability to new market dynamics.

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