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-XCMG drives global reach with cranes designed for extreme weather conditions and complex work environments

XUZHOU, China, January 16, 2024/PRNewswire/ — XCMG Crane, a subsidiary of XCMG Machinery (SHE:000425), a leading construction machinery and heavy equipment manufacturer, has had a powerful start to the year, exporting the astonishing quantity of 200 mobile cranes to the global market until January 5, marking a solid start to the first quarter.

The shipments included state-of-the-art, high-tonnage, customized lifting equipment, highlighting China’s continued commitment to pioneering advancements in construction machinery technology. Major manufacturers like XCMG have been crucial in driving momentum, demonstrating the growing strength of China’s manufacturing sector.

Sun Jianzhong, vice president of XCMG Machinery and general manager of lifting machinery division, said: “Over the past year, XCMG Crane has focused on product innovation. The company’s mobile cranes have achieved the highest year-on-year growth in orders. and sales in the industry. Optimized product mix has led to record sales of heavy-duty cranes. XCMG Crane has established itself as an industry leader with its ultra-large cranes of 750 tons and above. Both wheeled and caterpillars continue to maintain their leading positions in the market.”

Sun joined XCMG Machinery vice president Liu Jiansen, along with customers, distributors, service providers and suppliers, in observing crane loading on ships.

XCMG has adapted and improved its cranes to achieve efficiency, regardless of weather conditions or working environment, while meeting strict customer specifications.

In the desert climate of the Middle East, XCMG cranes, known for their adaptability and reliability, dominate the market. They withstand extreme heat, with hydraulic systems operating efficiently at 60°C in areas where summer temperatures begin to routinely surpass the 50°C mark.

At the same time, XCMG has equipped its cranes with engine preheating function to ensure smooth starting even in the extreme cold that is common in many parts of Central Asia. The chassis design has also been optimized to ensure strong traction and downforce, adapting to the often challenging road conditions throughout the region.

For Australian customers, XCMG redesigned the cylinder and reprogrammed the equipment, incorporating load escalation functionality to accommodate lifting requirements in complex environments.

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