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The global impact could reach 5.7 billion if “the reduction in operating costs due to the optimization of infrastructure” is taken into account, according to Agustín Torres, president of CloserStill Media Spain, organizer of the E-Show Barcelona and Big Data fairs.

More than 43% of e-commerce companies already use Artificial Intelligence in their operations and marketing strategies.

It is expected that e-commerce sales during the Christmas holidays will represent more than 35% and exceed 22 billion euros.

Madrid, December 19, 2023.- The president of CloserStill Media Spain, Agustín Torres, has assured that the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in e-commerce “will generate an additional volume of 3.8 billion in the Christmas campaign” . The global impact could reach, according to Torres, “5.7 billion considering the reduction of operating costs through the optimization of infrastructure.”

For the president of CloserStill Media Spain, organizer of Big Data

Likewise, Torres has pointed out that sector reports indicate that “more than 43% of e-commerce companies already use AI in their operations and marketing strategies, especially in their algorithms for personalizing product recommendations and promotions”.

AI has multiple applications in the field of cloud and digital infrastructure, according to Torres, and “it also collects consumer behavior habits and has an impact through the prediction of purchasing trends.”

More than 22 billion sales in e-commerce.

E-commerce once again plays a key role in the Christmas campaign. In this sense, the president of CloserStill Spain has pointed out that “e-commerce sales are expected to represent more than 35% and exceed 22,000 million euros.” Although electronic commerce still does not displace traditional ones, “the pace of Penetration rate growth is high,” according to Torres, and is expected to reach more than 25% in two years.

For Torres, the sophistication of fraud, identity theft of the main e-commerce portals and the theft of personal data are the most prominent risks, which is why he recommends that the user “make sure that the website and application in the being purchased are real, checking credentials, such as the URL, and security certificates.

Likewise, it has insisted on not providing personal data through suspicious websites, messages or emails.

The average expenditure will be around €500 and the electronics and textile sectors will experience growth of more than 10%.

Greater penetration in Madrid, Catalonia or the Basque Country.

The president has indicated that Spain is in the top 5 for electronic commerce in Europe and that there is a great asymmetry between autonomous communities. While in Madrid, Catalonia or the Basque Country penetration has far exceeded 30%, in other communities such as Extremadura it does not exceed 15%.

CloserStill Media is the promoter of the Big Data fair

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