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The Turrones Picó advertisement, where adults are asked to behave well with the planet, goes viral and obtains more than 3 million views on social networks in just over two weeks

The story starring the young actress Luna Fulgencio, where she visits several houses to ask adults for a bonus to behave well with the planet, has turned out to be a viral spot that has conquered social networks. In just over two weeks, it has surpassed 3.3 million views on Instagram and has accumulated more than 13 thousand reactions.

The campaign by the Jijonenca firm Turrones Picó, based on the need to take care of the environment, with an original story and a sustainable message, has provoked a very positive reaction upon its launch, where its followers applaud the need to raise awareness about care. planet and have shown their messages of satisfaction, from “I couldn’t like this ad more, sweet, original and with a great message” to “Always asking the little ones, now it’s our turn.”

The story begins on December 24 where three friends led by the actress Luna Fulgencio, protagonist of the popular film saga ‘Father There Is No More Than One’ and ‘A todo tren’, go house to house to congratulate Christmas and ask a very special bonus, since far from the traditional reward, what children want is for adults to “behave well with the environment” while the protagonist argues that if they do not take care of the planet they contribute to pollution, deforestation and climate change, highlighting the alteration of ecosystems and habitats, reducing the population of important pollinators such as bees, which are essential in the production of foods such as nougat because without them there would be no honey and without honey, it would not be possible to enjoy one of the most typical Christmas sweets.

Stop the disappearance of bees

Turrones Picó and the Siberia advertising agency are the creators of this campaign, with a commitment to sustainability over the last 4 years, contests and initiatives that address the need to respect the Environment and take care of bees. Ana Picó, quality director of Turrones Picó, has expressed her gratitude “our intention with each campaign is to raise awareness and with responses like the one obtained with Portaos Bien, we meet all the objectives of delivering a sustainable message, with its touch of sweetness “.

Spot, school contest and environmental advice

The spot ‘Behave well’ starring Luna Fulgencio, is the main piece of Turrones Picó’s Christmas campaign, complemented by a school writing contest in which more than 8,000 primary school students from all over Spain have written a letter to their parents to ask them to take care of the planet. To these actions is added a decalogue of advice to change the world that can be found at portemonosbien.com


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Photo caption: Images from the video of the Behave well campaign Author: Turrones Picó/Siberia


Photo caption: Luna Fulgencio with her friends visiting the houses in Portaos Bien Author: Turrones Picó/Siberia


Photo caption: Luna Fulgencio asking adults to behave well Author: Turrones Picó/Siberia